The D.D. Hachar Honors Program

The D.D. Hachar Honors Program

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Student Activities

Scholars in the D.D. Hachar Honors Program are able to enjoy extra-curricular activities.

Trip to Austin 2002 Honors group in Austin
November 2002, Austin trip, Texas State History Museum. November 2002, Honors trip to Austin,Texas outside of the LBJ Library and Museum at the University of Texas campus.
Honors Group in Corpus Christi Honors Group in Corpus Christi
Left to Right:  Gabby Garza, Rosalie Aguilar, Lillian Garcia and Sam Flores on the deck of the USS Lexington. Dr. Cuéllar with some students on deck of the USS Lexington
Trip to Corpus Christi, Texas Honors Group in Port Aransas, Texas
Left to Right:  Abigail Blair, Connie Pena, Stacy Trujillo, Brenda Cervantes, Denise Fuentes. (Class of 2003) Students enjoying refreshments at poolside- clearly having a "splash."
Dr. Farrok Honors group photo in Austin, Texas
May 2003, Students enjoy a few words from Dr. Faridoun Farrokh at the End of Semester picnic at Lake Casa Blanca. Feb. 2004, Trip to Austin. Outside Bass Performing Hall at Phantom of The Opera. (Left to Right) Gabriela de Hoyos, Gabriela V. Garza, Dr.Cuéllar, Cecilia Ramirez and Lupita Romero.
Honors group in Austin, Texas Honors group in Austin
Outside the Texas State History Museum during the annual Honors Trip, October 24, 2005. Erica Matos, Toni Vela, Mary Koch, Sarah Jenkins, Lucy Maldonado, Lilian Garcia posing at the Texas State History Museum. (L to R)
Group Photo in Austin, Texas Honors group in Austin, Texas
James Cortez, Marc Andres, Juan Arellano, Gaby Diaz, Dr. Cuellar, Priscilla Hinojosa, Annette Maldonado, Kimberly Compean, Mrs. Laurel, Erica Matos at the Texas State Museum.  (L to R)  
Honors Group before the show photo in front of cathedreal
Arriving at the Bass Concert Hall in Austin during the annual Honors trip on October 23, 2005 for showing of Chicago.  L to R:  Toni Vela, Mary Koch, Sarah Jenkins, Lillian Garcia, Lucy Maldonado Carlos Nunez, Liz Sandoval , Rachel Haugen and Dr. Cuellar in front of Jackson Square with St. Louis Cathedreal in the background.
spring bus witte
January 26, 2008, 50 students and chapersones boarded the bus to San Antonio for a fun filled day at the Riverwalk during the annual honors trip. Students stand outside the Witte Museum after a tour of the exhibits. 
Honors group in Austin, Texas Honor students in Corpus Christi
Nov. 2002, trip to Austin. Scholars dine at San Marcos restaurant.(left to right) Alex Soler, Liz Sandoval, Leizza Salazar, Elena Reyna, Jackie Ferdin, Noreva Medina and Victor Salinas. A group of Honor Students standing in front of the Command Center of the flight deck.
Honors Group in Port Aransas, Texas Honors Group Photo
Honor Students enjoying great conversation at poolside and enjoying the beautiful weather in Port Aransas, Texas. Honor students outside the Bass Concert Hall in Austin after the showing of Chicago.
Honors event Honors group photo
Class of 2005:  Karina Belem Gonzalez introduced Dr. Henry C. Schmidt at the A.R. Sanchez Lecture Series on October 13, 2005.  L to R:  Karina Belem Gonzalez, Dr. Jerry Thompson, Dr. Nasser Momayesi, and Dr. Henry D. Schmidt. Iris Carpio, Mayra Zamora, Dianna Soto taking a break at the Texas State History Museum.
LtoR: Alejandra Lascurain, Alejandra Pena, Alejandra Avila, Mayra Zamora and Analee Miravete are all smiles after watching the Broadway show, "Camelot" at the Majestic Theatre in San Antonio on January 27th.

Special Events 

On November 10th through the 13th of 2004, Dr. Cuellar along with three Honors Scholars

(Carlos Nunez, Liz Sandoval and Rachel Haugen) attended the annual National

Collegiate Honors Conference held in New Orleans.

Trip to New Orleans Trip to New Orleans
Washington Artillery park at the edge of the French Quarter.  With the Mississiippi River and the steamboat natchez as the backdrop...Rachel, Liz and Carlos enjoy the sights in front of Jackson Square. Carlos, Liz and Rachel stand next to the famous French Quarter landmark, Cafe du Monde.  Contessa Pontalba apartment building (c.1858) in the background.
Trip Photos Sanchez Lecture Series
Carlos, Liz and Rachel stand in front of NOLAs, Emeril's famous restaurant located in the historic French Quarter. October 2004, Left to Right:  A.R. Sanchez Lecture Series Presenter, Dr. Robert M. Gates, Dr. Nasser Momayezi and Brittany Witt, Class of 2004, who introduced the presenter of the evening
Dr. Cuellar at Conference Students at conference
November 2003, National Collegiate Honors Council conference held in Chicago, IL. At the consultant's lounge Dr. E. Burrus, North Campus Director of the Honors College at Miami-Dade Community District, counsels Dr. Cuéllar on specific issues facing the D.D. Hachar Honors Program. November 2003,National Collegiate Honors Council conference held in Chicago, IL.  Honors Scholars Joseph Byrd and Gabriela de Hoyos got an opportunity to interact with former US Senator (D-Ill.) Paul Simon, Director of the Public Policy Institute at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. Paul Simon passed away December 9, 2003.
Conference in Utah Trip to Utah
November 2002, NCHC convention. Felipe de Jesus Pantoja, Dr.Cuéllar, and Nick Gallegos at Park City, Utah. Nov. 2002, NCHC convention at Salt Lake City. Felipe de Jesus Pantoja, Dr.Cuéllar and Nick Gallegos at Mormon Temple Square.
Trip to New Orleans Students attend broadway show
The oldest cemetary in New Orleans, St. Louis I cemetary is located North of the French Quarter.  Rachel, Carlos and Liz pose next to Homer Plessy's grave.  Homer Plessy was the plaintiff in the landmark 1896 Supreme Court case:  Plessy v. Ferguson November 2003, National Collegiate Honors Council conference held in Chicago,IL. outside the Oriental Theatre in Chicago. (left to right) Gabriela de Hoyos, Rocio Moya, Joseph Byrd about to watch the Broadway-class play, The Producers


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