Department of Language and Literature Spanish Program Description

Program Description

About our program
The Masters of Arts (M.A.) program in Spanish is carefully designed to broaden and deepen your knowledge of literature and language, refine your analytical and critical thinking skills, polish your writing to professional standards, and vastly improve your career options. The SPanish faculty strongly believes that the study of Spanish literature, language and writing can be both intellectually fulfilling and highly practical. Our program emphasizes applications of theory to enhance both teaching and research.

For the M.A. in Spanish, you can choose between the ‘Thesis Plan’ and the ‘Non-Thesis Plan’, which requires you to complete 30 or 36 credit hours, respectively. There are only two required courses, one in Research and Criticism and the other in Language Studies. Otherwise, you are invited to choose six or seven courses from an offering of over 32 courses, ranging in topics such as Golden Age Literature, Spanish-American Literature, comparative linguistics, as well as current issues in teaching Spanish.

Our program offers you a customized plan of studies that focuses on the various genres of literature and an opportunity to teach Spanish Language Learners with a variety of skill levels. Classes are small, allowing you to receive individual attention, and graduate professors are strong and positive mentors, who will guide you throughout your coursework and beyond.

Why should you come here
Texas A&M International University offers a unique environment for studying Spanish. This institution not only provides a solid academic foundation but also promotes a culturally diverse atmosphere. Since the majority of Spanish graduate students are native or heritage speakers of Spanish, you have the opportunity to engage in discussion that focuses on content and learning rather than solely on language skills; consequently, your search for knowledge consists of exciting and interactive learning experiences. Furthermore, the Laredo community is linguistically and culturally rich in Hispanic traditions and customs, which allows you to live and learn in a Hispanic community within the United States but with immediate access to Mexico just across the border. Laredo, Texas, a city under seven flags, is distinguished by its Spanish colonial architectural influence. Its historical landmarks and monuments vividly reflect timeless events in the Mexican-American past. Furthering your education at Texas A&M International University is the gateway to discovering two worlds encompassed in a one-of-a-kind ambience.

About our faculty
Our full-time faculty has doctorates in all specialty areas of Spanish, such as Golden Age and Latin American literature and Hispanic Linguistics. They are nationally and internationally recognized and have active research agendas. Moreover, they are committed to providing the highest standards in the classroom and to preparing future scholars, teachers and practitioners. The low student/teacher ratio provides a comfortable learning setting. As a result, each student at Texas A&M International University is able to interact on a one-to-one basis with the professor. Inspirational minds and warm, friendly spirits are always ready to assist students in reaching their educational goals.

Graduate assistantships
A limited number of merit-based graduate assistantships are available each year to students interested in working with faculty or administration in the Department of Language and Literature.

The face of the United States is becoming increasingly bi- and multilingual. Possessing a high-level of proficiency in Spanish and understanding Hispanic culture, art, and history is your key to opening the door to a new world. An M.A. in Spanish will offer career opportunities in travel and tourism, journalism and media, government services such as the FBI, CIA or INS, international business and law, and health and safety professions such as nursing and the police force. Additionally, with AP high school Spanish courses in high demand, the M.A. in Spanish is also becoming a necessity for secondary school Spanish teachers. Similarly, an M.A. in Spanish is a minimum requirement for teaching college-level Spanish and for entering a Ph.D. program in Spanish. With the implementation of the cooperative doctoral program in Hispanic Studies, the Spanish M.A. becomes a crucial stepping stone for you if you are interested in pursuing a Ph.D. Our ‘Thesis Plan’ provides you not only with a strong foundation in Hispanic literature, language and culture, but also prepares you with the research and writing skills expected at the doctoral level.