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Let’s do something for our children NOW!!! (Be healthy, Be happy)

The number of fat cells rises steadily from birth to the early twenties, but remains constant thereafter. Moreover, in patients observed before and up to two years after surgical treatments that facilitate weight loss by reducing stomach size, no decrease in fat-cell numbers was detected — although their volume did drop (Nature, 2008).

It is right. This is why so many adults tried to reduce body weight but, most of them who lost their body weight regained it in a few months (yo-yo syndrome). We can decrease the volume of fat cell as long as you stick to very strict weight control program, however, fat cell try to get back to the normal size immediately after your stops it.

Most people have been in diet or exercise program several times to reduce body weight but, case of permanent success is very rare. Our children will repeat what we are doing after being adults and will be suffering on their overweight. We should do something when our children are young and still have many chances. It is much easier and much cheaper.

College of Education, TAMIU will offer a summer camp for young children aged 10-15years and living in Laredo, TX. In this summer camp, each child will participate in three hour exercises and an hour lecture five days/week for four or eight weeks. Also certified dietitian will observe children’s diet pattern every week and give them recommended diet program. Our team including a medical doctor, Doctors in Nursing and Physical Education will supervise this summer camp very carefully. We will do our best for children’s safety and successful camp. They will enjoy physical activity and also learn new lifestyle. We will change your children’s exercise and diet pattern and further enhanced their self-esteem and self-confidence through this camp will improve academic performance as well as the quality of their life in future.

  • Do you mind if your child smokes?
  • Now what you think after reading below?

"Overweight and obesity may soon cause as much preventable disease and death as cigarette smoking," (Surgeon General’s report, 2005)

For more information, visit Camp Information or contact Dr. Park at 956)326-2685 or 2695.