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Faculty Initiatives

The academic units and its faculty play an important role in internationalizing the campus.  Therefore several faculty initiatives are developed to welcome academia to participate in the process and to share their expertise.  If you are a faculty member and would like to partake in our initiatives or have an idea you would like to share, please contact us.  

International Programs Advisory Committee (IPAC)

The IPAC serves in an advisory capacity to the Division of International Programs (DIP) and assists in fulfilling its goals and objectives.  Broadly speaking, the IPAC provides: i) ongoing strategic direction related to TAMIU's goals towards internationalization, ii) makes recommendations concerning the quality of international initiatives and suggests changes where appropriate, iii) a forum for sharing information on a broad range of international issues, iv) advocates and serves as a sounding board for campus internationalization activities, and v) collaborates in resource acquisition.  IPAC members for the 2010Academic Year are: 

Dr. Diana Linn - College of Education

Mr. Horacio Palacios - College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Dr. Leonel Prieto - A.R. Sánchez Jr. School of Business

Dr. Manuel Broncano - College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Peter Haruna - College of Arts and Sciences

Mr. Rogelio Hinojosa - Sue & Radcliffe Killam Library

Dr. Juan Lira - Associate Provost

Dr. Jaime Ortiz - International Programs

International Development Fund (IDF)

The IDF helps faculty members to facilitate the development of new, promising international initiatives, enhance the offerings and logistics of existing ones, and allow appropriate administration or supervising persons to visit on-site where international initiatives are held.  A proposal for a travel visit should be submitted to the DIP no later than four months in advance of the intended international initiative.  The maximum amount allocated, per fiscal year, per College, is $1,000.  It is expected that the sponsoring Department or College will also contribute to the travel.  Award and acceptance of the travel funds, requires a report of outcomes and findings regarding the international initiative.

Faculty International Award (FIA)

The FIA Award recognizes a faculty member that makes significant teaching or research contributions towards the internationalization of the University, its faculty, and its students. The nominee must be a full-time, tenure-track TAMIU faculty member and third-party and self-nominations are accepted. Nominees must have had two years of continuous service in a full-time position with Texas A&M International University as of the date of nomination, and must not have received the award within the past five years.  The award is a plaque and $500.  Deadline for nominations is April 30th.

Curriculum Internationalization

TAMIU is committed to becoming the international university in the Texas A&M System and the State of Texas.  An instrumental strategy to accomplish such a goal is revamping its curricula to reflect the need for an effective international competence.  The DIP works hand in hand with Departments and Colleges in order to internationalize their curriculum across the board.  In turn, they will be able to enrich their international offerings and broaden traditional subject areas by an international comparative approach.

To that effect the DIP has created an initial 'inventory' or courses with an international perspective and/or content.  Such an 'inventory' serves as a platform for Departments and Colleges to strengthen their curriculum, thus deepening students' understanding of the social, legal, economic, political, and technological aspects of countries around the world.  Enhanced and newly developed international courses will largely improve their chances to excel in today's highly global community.