Texas A&M International University
Employee Directory
(by department)

Gonzalez, Michael E 326-2277   KLM 328B  Activity Director (Focus on Student Success/FOSS)michaele.gonzalez@tamiu.edu
Martinez, Patricia A 326-2275   KLM 328  Executive Secretarypmartinez@tamiu.edu
Moreno III, Jose L 326-2339   KLM 328B  Database Specialistjose.moreno@tamiu.edu
Trevino, Mary T 326-2275   KLM 328A  Associate VP for Academic Affairsmaryt@tamiu.edu
Arenaz, Pablo 326-2240   KLM 329A  Provost & VPAApablo.arenaz@tamiu.edu
Esparza, Marta E 326-2242   KLM 329  Executive Secretarymesparza@tamiu.edu
Lindberg, Kevin D 326-2601   KLM 333A  Associate Provostklindberg@tamiu.edu
Lopez, Nalleli G 326-2240   KLM 329  Staff Assistantnalleli.lopez@tamiu.edu
Continuing Education
Arguindegui, Jacqueline H 326-3068   STC 118B  Associate Director of Continuing Educationjha@tamiu.edu
Calderon, Gabriela I 326-3068   STC 118  Staff Assistantgabriela.calderon@tamiu.edu
Global Initiatives, Office of
Barberena Asiain, Mariana 326-2831   PLG 302E  US/Mexico Relations Coordinatormariana.barberena@tamiu.edu
Bittencourt, Marco Tulio O 326-2715   PLG 302H  ILI Specialistmarco.bittencourt@tamiu.edu
Calderon, Maria E 326-2835   PLG 301  Assistant VP for Global Initiativesmcalderon@tamiu.edu
Cornelius, Catherine S 326-2715   PLG 302C  ILI Specialistccornelius@tamiu.edu
Garcia, Maribelle G 326-2724   PLG 302F  Associate Director (ILI)mgonzalez@tamiu.edu
Guajardo, Myrna G 326-2726   PLG 302I  ILI Specialistmgguajardo@tamiu.edu
Guzman, San Juana H 326-2136   PLG 302G  Admissions Assistant (ILI)sguzman@tamiu.edu
Igbokwe, Jenneth O 326-2136   PLG 302  Adjunct Facultyjennetho.igbokwe@tamiu.edu
Ontiveros, Jessica Y 326-2136   PLG 302  Adjunct Facultyjessicay.ontiveros@tamiu.edu
Salazar, Maria I 326-2834   PLG 302A  Program Coordinatormaria.salazar@tamiu.edu
Senties, Juan M 326-2724   PLG 302  Adjunct Facultyjuanm.senties@tamiu.edu
Tanzman, Jamie 326-2136   PLG 302  Adjunct Facultyjamie.tanzman@tamiu.edu
Graduate Studies & Research, Office of
Alford, Suzanne H 326-3023   STC 124E  Director of Graduate Recruitingsalford@tamiu.edu
Barrera, Leanna C 326-3230   STC 124  Admissions Assistantleanna.barrera@tamiu.edu
Brown, Jeffrey M 326-2596   STC 124F  Dean of Graduate Studies & Researchjbrown@tamiu.edu
Diaz Jr., Arturo 326-2415   LBV 346  Programmer I (CEES)arturo.diaz@tamiu.edu
Franco Hinojosa, Zoila 326-3025   KLM 326  Research Administratorzoila.francoh@tamiu.edu
Frey, Anne R 326-3024   KLM 326B  Associate Director of Grant Developmentafrey@tamiu.edu
Gonzalez, Michelle 326-3022   STC 124  Graduate Admissions Counselormichelle.gonzalez@tamiu.edu
Gonzalez, Monica S 326-3220   STC 124B  Outreach & Retention Specialistmonica.gonzalez@tamiu.edu
Hinojosa, Marina M 326-3026   KLM 326  Grant Resources Support Assistantmmhinojosa@tamiu.edu
Kidd, Celeste E 326-3028   KLM 326A  Research Administratorcekidd@tamiu.edu
Kilburn, John C 326-3221   KLM 326C  Associate Dean (Research & Sponsored Projects)jckilburn@tamiu.edu
Lowman, Camia C 326-3022   STC 124  Education Specialistcamia.lowman@tamiu.edu
Morales, Virginia A 326-3027   STC 124H  Executive Secretaryvmorales@tamiu.edu
Soto, Rebecca R 326-3029   STC 124G  Associate Directorrebeccar.soto@tamiu.edu
Honors Program
Blackwell, Deborah L 326-2628   PLG 314C  Associate Professor/Dir of Honors Programdblackwell@tamiu.edu
Medrano, Juliana 326-2133   PLG 314  Staff Assistant (Honors Program)juliana.medrano@tamiu.edu
Cortez, Lorissa M 326-2210   ZSC 129E  Data & Information Specialistlorissam.cortez@tamiu.edu
Dickinson, Rosie A 326-2202   ZSC 129B  Directorrosie@tamiu.edu
Gonzalez, Alejandra 326-2777   ZSC 129K  Outreach & Retention Specialist (Transfer Advisor)alejandra.gonzalez1@tamiu.edu
Gonzalez Jr., Guillermo F 326-2442   ZSC 129C  Associate Director of Admissionsguillermo@tamiu.edu
Lopez, Natalia Y 326-2779   ZSC 129A  Admissions Assistantnatalia.lopez@tamiu.edu
Pena, Priscilla 326-2222   ZSC 129D  Data & Information Specialistppena@tamiu.edu
Perez, Arianna V 326-2207   ZSC 129F  Data & Information Specialistarianna.perez@tamiu.edu
Roldan, Edlin L 326-2779   ZSC 129  Admissions Assistantedlin.roldan@tamiu.edu
Solano, Cindy 326-2208   ZSC 129J  Data & Information Specialistcindy.solano@tamiu.edu
Bernat, Frances P 326-2644   LBV 301C  Associate Deanfrances.bernat@tamiu.edu
Davis, Peter S 326-3128   LBV 324E  Director of Planetariumpeter.davis@tamiu.edu
Dennis, Hilda V 326-2460   LBV 301D  Executive Secretaryhdennis@tamiu.edu
Guerrero, Laura H 326-2462   LBV 301  Staff Assistantlaura.guerrero@tamiu.edu
Herrera, Claudia S 326-2463   LBV 301  Staff Assistant (Planetarium)claudia.herrera@tamiu.edu
McCormick, Ryan J 326-3011   STC 114H  Instructor (Military Science)ryan.mccormick@tamiu.edu
Mitchell, Thomas R 326-2460   LBV 301A  Deantmitchell@tamiu.edu
Troyn, Thomas J 326-3009   STC 114H  Instructor (Military Science)thomas.troyn@tamiu.edu
Biology & Chemistry, Department of
Addo, Maxwell 326-2441   LBV 312  Adjunct Facultymaxwell.addo@tamiu.edu
Addo-Mensah, Alfred K 326-2414   LBV 303  Assistant Professoralfred.addo-mensah@tamiu.edu
Almanza, Elaine 326-3123   CNS 212B  Activity Directorelaine.almanza@tamiu.edu
Arambula, Brenda 326-2441   LBV 312  Adjunct Facultybrenda.arambula@tamiu.edu
Combrink, Keith D 326-2597   LBV 305  Assistant Professorkeithd.combrink@tamiu.edu
Compean, Klarissa L 326-2441   LBV 312  Adjunct Facultyklarissa.compean1@tamiu.edu
Cortez, Lucia 326-2441   LBV 312  Staff Assistantlucia.cortez@tamiu.edu
Daniel, Michael 326-2441   LBV 312  Adjunct Facultymdaniel@tamiu.edu
De Jesus, Bryant J 326-2441   LBV 312  Adjunct Facultybryant.dejesus@tamiu.edu
De La Garza, Maria D 326-2447   LBV 242A  Science Lab Technician (Chemistry)carmen@tamiu.edu
De La Garza, Nadia C 326-2996   CWT 118  Director of Title III-SYSTEMnadia.delagarza@tamiu.edu
De Llano, Laura A 326-2441   LBV 312  Adjunct Facultylaura.dellano@tamiu.edu
Garcia, Natasha C 326-2441   LBV 312  Adjunct Facultynatasha.garcia@tamiu.edu
Goetze, Jim 326-2441   LBV 312  Adjunct Facultyjim.goetze@tamiu.edu
Gomez, Alejandra 326-2441   LBV 312  Adjunct Facultyalejandra.gomez@tamiu.edu
Gonzalez, Hector E 326-3121   LBV 259  Instructorhector.gonzalez@tamiu.edu
Jacobson, Richard O 326-2592   LBV 385A  Visiting Instructorrichard.jacobson@tamiu.edu
Jorgensen, Kameron R 326-2568   LBV 307  Assistant Professsorkameron.jorgensen@tamiu.edu
Kellogg, Caroline D 326-2441   LBV 312  Adjunct Facultycaroline.kellogg@tamiu.edu
Kidd, Michael R 326-2585   LBV 379C  Associate Professormichael.kidd@tamiu.edu
Lopez, Patricia 326-2441   LBV 312  Adjunct Facultypatricia.lopez@tamiu.edu
Mandal, Hari D 326-2665   LBV 309  Associate Professorhmandal@tamiu.edu
McReynolds, C Neal 326-2586   LBV 312B  Associate Professornmcreynolds@tamiu.edu
Mendez, Monica O 326-2590   LBV 379B  Associate Professormonica.mendez@tamiu.edu
Mott, Daniel J 326-2583   LBV 312C  Associate Professor/Chair/Associate Deandmott@tamiu.edu
Nam, Sang-Chul 326-2606   LBV 385A  Associate Professorsang-chul.nam@tamiu.edu
Pislariu, Catalina 326-2584   LBV 385C  Assistant Professorcatalina.pislariu@tamiu.edu
Quintana, Fernando G 326-2589   LBV 311  Associate Professorfquintana@tamiu.edu
Ramos, Jose M 326-2592   LBV 385A  Adjunct Facultyjose.ramos@tamiu.edu
Ramos, Oscar N 326-2587   LBV 379E  Instructororamos@tamiu.edu
Rubio, Amede 326-2498   LBV 159  Instructoramede.rubio@tamiu.edu
Schmidl, Sebastian 326-2411   LBV 379D  Assistant Professorsebastian.schmidl@tamiu.edu
Solis, Amelia 326-2441   LBV 312  Adjunct Facultyamelia.solis@tamiu.edu
Solis, Leslie E 326-2441   LBV 312  Adjunct Facultyleslie.solis@tamiu.edu
Vaughan, Thomas C 326-2441   LBV 312  Adjunct Facultytvaughan@tamiu.edu
Villarreal, Pedro 326-2441   LBV 312  Adjunct Facultypedro.villarreal@tamiu.edu
Ynalvez, Ruby A 326-2643   LBV 385D  Associate Professorrynalvez@tamiu.edu
Engineering, School of
Bennett III, Marvin E 326-2418   LBV 346B  Associate Professormbennett@tamiu.edu
Davis, Joan D 326-2440   LBV 312  Staff Assistantjoan.davis@tamiu.edu
Dominguez, Guillermo C 326-2408   LBV 312D  Director of the School of Engineeringguillermoc.dominguez@tamiu.edu
Ganta, Deepak 326-3048   LBV 325  Assistant Professordeepak.ganta@tamiu.edu
Hasan, Muhammad Z 326-2567   LBV 373A  Assistant Professormuhammad.hasan@tamiu.edu
Khasawneh, Mahmoud T 326-2669   LBV 385E  Assistant Professormahmoud.khasawneh@tamiu.edu
Maldonado, Sofia C 326-2582   LBV 379A  Instructorsofiac.maldonado@tamiu.edu
Pinzon, Gerardo J 326-2410   LBV 211  STEM Advisor & Lab Managergerardo.pinzon@tamiu.edu
Tashtoush, Tariq H 326-2600   LBV 323  Assistant Professortariq.tashtoush@tamiu.edu
Tobin, Kenneth J 326-2417   LBV 346A  Professor/Dir of CEESktobin@tamiu.edu
Fine & Performing Arts, Department of
Aguilar Jr., Tomas 326-2654   FPA 217B  Adjunct Facultytomas.aguilar@tamiu.edu
Ahn, Jee Eun 326-2654   CFPA 217B  Adjunct Facultyjeeeun.ahn@tamiu.edu
Batey, Robert F 326-2609   FPA 102  Theater Facilities Technicianrobert.batey@tamiu.edu
Berdahl, Susan 326-2658   FPA 216B  Associate Professorsberdahl@tamiu.edu
Bogus, David S 326-3079   FPA 208A  Assistant Professordavid.bogus@tamiu.edu
Campbell, Colin A 326-3071   FPA 209B  Assistant Professorcolin.campbell@tamiu.edu
Carbone, Angela 326-2654   FPA 217B  Adjunct Facultyangela.carbone@tamiu.edu
Chavarria, Adalberto R 326-3078   FPA 137  Director of Theater Facilitiesadalberto.chavarria@tamiu.edu
Crabtree, Dana H 326-3040   FPA 209A  Instructordcrabtree@tamiu.edu
Foran, Nicole P 326-2591   FPA 233C  Associate Professor/ Interim Co-Chairnicole.foran@tamiu.edu
Garcia, Adriana M 326-2654   FPA 217B  Staff Assistantadrianam.garcia@tamiu.edu
Gechter, Friedrich C 326-2639   FPA 233D  Associate Professorfgechter@tamiu.edu
Haertlein, Alma R 326-3041   FPA 233B  Associate Professoralmah@tamiu.edu
Hickey, John F 326-2654   FPA 217B  Adjunct Facultyjhickey@tamiu.edu
Huang, Yu-Mei 326-2664   FPA 208B  Associate Professoryhuang@tamiu.edu
Klein, Traci A 326-2625   FPA 115  Assistant Professortraci.klein@tamiu.edu
Leal, Sandra E 326-2654   FPA 217B  Adjunct Facultysleal@tamiu.edu
Leyendecker, Bede L 326-2649   FPA 233A  Assistant Professorbleyendecker@tamiu.edu
Martinez Jr., Gilberto 326-3037   PLG 312B  Assistant Professionalgilberto.martinez@tamiu.edu
Mendez, Julio A 326-2654   FPA 217B  Adjunct Facultyjulio.mendez@tamiu.edu
Moyer, James A 326-2640   FPA 133B  Assistant Professorjames.moyer@tamiu.edu
Quintero, Jerry 326-3077   FPA 209A  Visiting Instructorjerry.quintero@tamiu.edu
Reimund, John R 326-2654   FPA 217B  Adjunct Facultyjreimund@tamiu.edu
Rubio, Elizabeth 326-2646   FPA 217C  Director of Events and Operations for Fine & Performing Artselizabeth.rubio@tamiu.edu
Saywell, Martha 326-2654   FPA 217B  Adjunct Facultymartha.saywell@tamiu.edu
Soto, Gilberto D 326-3046   FPA 216A  Professorgsoto@tamiu.edu
Teniente, Guillermo 326-2654   FPA 217B  Adjunct Facultyguillermo.teniente@tamiu.edu
Townsend, Brendan 326-3039   FPA 216C  Assistant Professor/Dir of LPS/Interim Co-Chairbtownsend@tamiu.edu
Vela, Roberto M 326-2654   FPA 217B  Adjunct Facultyroberto.vela@tamiu.edu
Wright, Richard B 326-2641   PLG 215A  Associate Professorrwright@tamiu.edu
Zamarripa, Jessica A 326-2654   FPA 217B  Adjunct Facultyjessica.zamarripa@tamiu.edu
Zapata Correa, Oswaldo A 326-3044   FPA 209B  Instructoroswaldoa.zapata@tamiu.edu
Zapata Correa, Sarah C 326-2654   FPA 217B  Adjunct Facultysarah.zapata@tamiu.edu
Zhou, Xiaohu 326-2654   FPA 217B  Adjunct Facultyxiaohu.zhou@tamiu.edu
Humanities, Department of
Bishop, Suzette M 326-2641   PLG 215A  Adjunct Facultysbishop@tamiu.edu
Bittencourt, Marco Tulio O 326-2470   PLG 314  Adjunct Facultymarco.bittencourt@tamiu.edu
Blackwell, Deborah L 326-2628   PLG 314C  Associate Professor/Dir of Honors Programdblackwell@tamiu.edu
Broncano, Manuel 326-2471   PLG 314G  Regents Professor/Director of English & Spanish Programsmanuel.broncano@tamiu.edu
Canizales, Lila L 326-2470   PLG 314  Adjunct Facultylila.canizales@tamiu.edu
Cantu, Irma L 326-2657   PLG 215D  Assistant Professorirma.cantu@tamiu.edu
Cardona-Lopez, Jose J 326-2690   PLG 314F  Professorcardona@tamiu.edu
Carriere, Julien F 326-2629   PLG 215E  Instructorjulien.carriere@tamiu.edu
Cavazos, Alexandra M 326-2470   PLG 314  Adjunct Facultyalexandra.cavazos@tamiu.edu
Cornelius, James B 326-2650   PLG 215F  Adjunct Facultyjames.cornelius@tamiu.edu
Cruz, Alicia M 326-2470   PLG 314  Adjunct Facultyalicia.cruz@tamiu.edu
De Llano, Rosa M 326-2470   PLG 314  Adjunct Facultyrosa.dellano@tamiu.edu
Dean, John E 326-2473   PLG 312C  Associate Professorjohn.dean@tamiu.edu
Diaz De Gallegos, Gabriela 326-2470   PLG 314  Adjunct Facultygabriela.diaz@tamiu.edu
Duffy, Stephen M 326-2543   PLG 314B  Associate Professor/Chairsduffy@tamiu.edu
Escudero, Brenda L 326-2470   PLG 314  Adjunct Facultybrenda.escudero@tamiu.edu
Flores-Haynes, Sara E 326-2470   PLG 314  Adjunct Facultysara.floreshaynes@tamiu.edu
Garcia, Mary Theresa D 326-2470   PLG 314  Adjunct Facultydorothy.garcia@tamiu.edu
Garza, Deena A 326-2134   ZSC 233  Adjunct Facultydeena.garza@tamiu.edu
Guerrero, Griselda 326-2728   PLG 215F  Adjunct Facultygriselda.guerrero@tamiu.edu
Gutierrez Jr., Jose M 326-2470   PLG 215F  Adjunct Facultyjosem.gutierrez@tamiu.edu
Hall, Richard A 326-2470   CNS 313C  Adjunct Facultyrichard.hall@tamiu.edu
Haynes, Robert W 326-2603   PLG 215B  Professorrhaynes@tamiu.edu
Hazelton, Andrew J 326-2593   PLG 216A  Assistant Professorandrewj.hazelton@tamiu.edu
Holshuh, Chamois S 326-2470   PLG 314  Adjunct Facultychamois.holschuh@tamiu.edu
Igbokwe, Jenneth O 326-2136   PLG 302  Adjunct Facultyjennetho.igbokwe@tamiu.edu
Klein, Kathryn M 326-2642   PLG 215C  Adjunct Facultykathryn.klein@tamiu.edu
Klein, Ula E 326-2642   PLG 215C  Assistant Professorursula.klein@tamiu.edu
Lewis, Zretta J 326-3030   ZSC 222E  Instructorzretta.lewis@tamiu.edu
Martinez, Ana C 326-2470   PLG 314  Adjunct Facultyanac.martinez@tamiu.edu
Martinez Jr., Mario E 326-2470   PLG 215F  Adjunct Facultymario.martinez@tamiu.edu
Martinez-Samos, Jose A 326-2610   PLG 314D  Associate Professorjmartinez-samos@tamiu.edu
Medrano, Erika 326-2470   PLG 314  Staff Assistantemedrano@tamiu.edu
Mitchell, Linda M 326-2470   PLG 314  Adjunct Facultylmitchell@tamiu.edu
Morris, Maritza 326-2470   PLG 314  Adjunct Facultymaritza.morris@tamiu.edu
Murphy, Jonathan W 326-2602   PLG 216C  Assistant Professorjonathan.murphy@tamiu.edu
Niemeyer, Paul J 326-2645   PLG 312E  Associate Professorpniemeyer@tamiu.edu
Nolen, William J 326-2660   PLG 312F  Instructorwilliam.nolen@tamiu.edu
Norris, Lola O 326-2648   PLG 312D  Assistant Professorlonorris@tamiu.edu
Olivas, Aaron A 326-2593   PLG 216A  Assistant Professoraaron.olivas@tamiu.edu
Palacios, Carlos A 326-2470   PLG 314  Adjunct Facultycarlos.palacios@tamiu.edu
Paroo, Alia 326-2634   PLG 216F  Assistant Professoralia.paroo@tamiu.edu
Quaney, Kent J 326-2661   PLG 215E  Assistant Professionalkent.quaney@tamiu.edu
Rhodes, Frances G 326-2608   PLG 312A  Associate Professorfrhodes@tamiu.edu
Scaggs, Deborah M 326-3033   PLG 314E  Associate Professional/Dir of Writing Programdscaggs@tamiu.edu
Tadoum, Jean P 326-3035   PLG 216B  Assistant Professionaljeanpaul.tadoum@tamiu.edu
Thompson, Jerry D 326-2635   PLG 216E  Regents Professorjthompson@tamiu.edu
Weight, Donovan S 326-2612   PLG 216F  Assistant Professionaldonovan.weight@tamiu.edu
Zhou, Xiaohu 326-2470   PLG 314  Adjunct Facultyxiaohu.zhou@tamiu.edu
Mathematics & Physics, Department of
Acosta, Asela 326-2440   LBV 312  Adjunct Facultyasela.acosta@tamiu.edu
Al-Tameemi, Weam M 326-2598   LBV 313  Assistant Professorweam.altameemi@tamiu.edu
Cantu, Leticia 326-2134   CWT 202  Adjunct Facultyleticia.cantu@tamiu.edu
Castaneda, Jeffrey A 326-2440   LBV 312  Adjunct Facultyjeffrey.castaneda@tamiu.edu
Davis, Joan D 326-2440   LBV 312  Staff Assistantjoan.davis@tamiu.edu
Garcia, Janet M 326-2440   LBV 312  Adjunct Facultyjanet.garcia@tamiu.edu
Gonzalez, Juan M 326-2440   LBV 312  Adjunct Facultyjuan.gonzalez@tamiu.edu
Goonatilake, Hoonandara R 326-2588   LBV 312E  Professor/Chairharag@tamiu.edu
Gutierrez, Judy 326-2134   CWT 202  Adjunct Facultyjudy.gutierrez@tamiu.edu
Hinojosa, Juan H 326-2595   LBV 373B  Professorjhhinojosa@tamiu.edu
Lin, Runchang 326-2569   LBV 317  Associate Professorrlin@tamiu.edu
Makaya, Jacob S 326-2594   LBV 315  Assistant Professorjacob.makaya@tamiu.edu
Milovich Jr., David K 326-2570   LBV 321  Associate Professordavid.milovich@tamiu.edu
Morales, Pablo D 326-2441   LBV 312  Adjunct Facultypablod.morales@tamiu.edu
Ni, Qingwen 326-2409   LBV 373C  Professorqni@tamiu.edu
Patricio, Orlando M 326-2440   LBV 312  Adjunct Facultyorlando.patricio@tamiu.edu
San Miguel, Miguel 326-2599   LBV 123  Instructormsanmiguel@tamiu.edu
Schelanko, Joseph G 326-2440   LBV 312  Adjunct Facultyjoseph.schelanko@tamiu.edu
Trevino, Dalia G 326-3045   LBV 203  Adjunct Facultydtrevino@tamiu.edu
Trevino Jr., Ernesto 326-2440   LBV 312  Adjunct Facultyetrevino@tamiu.edu
Villanueva, Rogelio A 326-2440   LBV 312  Adjunct Facultyrogelio.villanueva@tamiu.edu
Villarreal, Luis M 326-2440   LBV 312  Adjunct Facultyluis.villarreal@tamiu.edu
Whitfield, Charles A 326-2440   LBV 312  Adjunct Facultycharlesa.whitfield@tamiu.edu
Wu, Qingquan 326-2413   LBV 319  Assistant Professorqingquan.wu@tamiu.edu
Psychology & Communication, Department of
Bazan, Ruben 326-2465   CNS 301  Adjunct Facultyruben.bazan@tamiu.edu
Beattie, Melissa A 326-3095   LBV 324F  Visiting Assistant Professormelissaa.beattie@tamiu.edu
Castro, Ronnie 326-2623   CNS 324D  Adjunct Facultyronnie.castro@tamiu.edu
Castro Olivo, Sara M 326-2638   CNS 312A  Assoc Prof/Dir of the Master of Arts in Counseling Psych Prgsara.castro@tamiu.edu
Chavez, Mary R 326-2465   CNS 301  Adjunct Facultymchavez@tamiu.edu
Cieslicka, Anna B 326-2611   CNS 312E  Associate Professoranna.cieslicka@tamiu.edu
Davis, Stuart H 326-3119   LBV 324D  Assistant Professorstuart.davis@tamiu.edu
De La Miyar, Daniel 326-2465   CNS 301  Adjunct Facultydaniel.delamiyar@tamiu.edu
Flores, Marie D 326-3034   LBV 201  Assistant Professormaflores@tamiu.edu
Garcia, Ediza 326-3096   CNS 312F  Facultyediza.garcia@tamiu.edu
Garcia, Elsa P 326-2465   CNS 301  Adjunct Facultyelsa.garcia@tamiu.edu
Garza, Michael J 326-2465   CNS 301  Adjunct Facultymichael.garza@tamiu.edu
Garza Jr., Ray 326-2618   LBV 324G  Instructorray.garza@tamiu.edu
Gonzalez, Ariadne A 326-3036   LBV 324B  Instructorariadnea.gonzalez@tamiu.edu
Gonzalez, Patricia G 326-2465   CNS 301  Adjunct Facultypggonzalez@tamiu.edu
Guerra De Charur, Maria M 326-2465   CNS 301  Adjunct Facultymariam.guerra@tamiu.edu
Heredia, Roberto R 326-2637   CNS 205B  Professor/Dir of PPOHA/Dir of GREATrheredia@tamiu.edu
Kuhns, Clarissa I 326-2465   CNS 301  Adjunct Facultyclarissai.kuhns@tamiu.edu
Lozano, Jose C 326-3117   CNS 301A  Professor/Chairjose.lozano@tamiu.edu
Moran, Angela M 326-3047   LBV 324C  Associate Professoramoran@tamiu.edu
Munoz, Monica 326-2620   CNS 312C  Associate Professormmunoz@tamiu.edu
Navarro Puerta, Fernando 326-2465   CNS 301  Adjunct Facultyfernando.navarro@tamiu.edu
Olivares, Marc 326-2465   CNS 301  Adjunct Facultymarc.olivares@tamiu.edu
Pena, Gladys J 326-2465   CNS 301  Adjunct Facultygladys.pena@tamiu.edu
Reed, Joquina M 326-2614   LBV 324A  Instructorjoquina.reed@tamiu.edu
Rivera, Susana 326-2465   CNS 301  Adjunct Facultysusana.rivera@tamiu.edu
Salinas, Gilberto 326-2636   CNS 312B  Assistant Professorgsalinas@tamiu.edu
Tadoum Osburn, Helen M 326-2465   CNS 301  Adjunct Facultyhelenm.tadoum@tamiu.edu
Terrazas-Carrillo, Elizabeth C 326-2656   CNS 312D  Assistant Professorelizabeth.terrazas@tamiu.edu
Vela, Guadalupe G 326-3116   CNS 312  Staff Assistant (GREAT Project)vela@tamiu.edu
Yunes, Veronica R 326-2465   CNS 301  Adjunct Facultyveronicar.yunes@tamiu.edu
Social Sciences, Department of
Angco, Jonevic H 326-2475   CNS 301  Adjunct Facultyjhangco@tamiu.edu
Benavides, Maria D 326-2475   CNS 301  Adjunct Facultymaria.benavides@tamiu.edu
Byham, Jack C 326-2632   CNS 313M  Assistant Professionaljack.byham@tamiu.edu
Dolan, Timothy 326-2475   CNS 301  Adjunct Facultytimothy.dolan@tamiu.edu
Garza, Rolando 326-2475   CNS 301  Adjunct Facultyrolando.garza@tamiu.edu
Guerra Jr., Juan P 326-2475   CNS 301  Adjunct Facultyjuan.guerra@tamiu.edu
Hacker, James S 326-2475   CNS 301  Adjunct Facultyjames.hacker@tamiu.edu
Haruna, Peter F 326-2613   CNS 313J  Professor/Director of Public Administrationpharuna@tamiu.edu
Hernandez, Flor M 326-2475   CNS 301  Adjunct Facultyflor.hernandez@tamiu.edu
Hilburn, Andrew M 326-2662   CNS 302J  Assistant Professorahilburn@tamiu.edu
Houston, Kate A 326-2630   CNS 302C  Assistant Professorkate.houston@tamiu.edu
Latsky-Campbell, Belinda 326-2475   CNS 301  Adjunct Facultybelinda.latsky@tamiu.edu
Laurel-Wilson, Marissa A 326-2475   CNS 301  Adjunct Facultymarissa.laurel@tamiu.edu
Macias Jr., Hector D 326-2475   CNS 301  Adjunct Facultyhdmacias@tamiu.edu
Makin, David A 326-2475   CNS 301  Adjunct Facultydavid.makin@tamiu.edu
Manganaro, Lynne L 326-2617   CNS 313H  Associate Professorlynne.manganaro@tamiu.edu
Marburger, Jon T 326-2475   CNS 301  Adjunct Facultyjon.marburger@tamiu.edu
Menaldo, Mark A 326-2651   CNS 313A  Assistant Professormark.menaldo@tamiu.edu
Mojica, Melissa L 326-2475   CNS 301  Adjunct Facultymlmojica@tamiu.edu
Momen, Mehnaaz 326-2631   CNS 313F  Associate Professormmomen@tamiu.edu
Nieto-Salinas, Erin M 326-2475   CNS 301  Adjunct Facultyerin.nieto@tamiu.edu
Norris, James A 326-2607   CNS 313E  Associate Professor/Dir of Political Science & Sociologyjnorris@tamiu.edu
Osowski, Clint E 326-2622   CNS 302H  Assistant Professionalclint.osowski@tamiu.edu
Palomo, Richard B 326-2475   CNS 301  Adjunct Facultyrichard.palomo@tamiu.edu
Reyes, Maria A 326-2540   CNS 313D  Assistant Professionalmaria.reyes@tamiu.edu
Rodriguez, Roger 326-2475   CNS 301  Adjunct Facultyroger.rodriguez01@tamiu.edu
San Miguel, Claudia E 326-2529   CNS 303  Associate Professor/Chaircsanmiguel@tamiu.edu
Tomsich, Elizabeth A 326-2475   CNS 301  Adjunct Facultyelizabeth.tomsich@tamiu.edu
Urby Jr., Heriberto 326-2528   CNS 313D  Visiting Assistant Professorheriberto.urby@tamiu.edu
Villagran, Gloria 326-2475   CNS 301  Staff Assistantgvillagran@tamiu.edu
Warner, Judith A 326-2623   CNS 302E  Professorjwarner@tamiu.edu
Ynalvez, Marcus A 326-2621   CNS 302D  Associate Professormynalvez@tamiu.edu
Zawisza, Thomas T 326-2476   CNS 302L  Assistant Professorthomas.zawisza@tamiu.edu
Zschirnt, Simon 326-2619   CNS 313B  Assistant Professorsimon.zschirnt@tamiu.edu
Texas Academy of International & STEM Studies
Chapa, Laura J 326-2864   CWT 213  Staff Assistantlaura.chapa@tamiu.edu
Saldana, Naiely M 326-2862   CWT 213A  Counselornaiely.saldana@tamiu.edu
Uribe, Patricia E 326-2861   CWT 213A  Director/Superintendent of TAMIU-ISDpuribe@tamiu.edu
Arias, Claudio 326-2893   KCB 114B  Senior Associate Dir of Athletics/Dir of Soccer Programscarias@tamiu.edu
Arias, Felipe E 326-2901   KCB 101  Associate Coach (Soccer Program)felipe.arias@tamiu.edu
Bento-Jackson, Michelle L 326-2904   KCB 107F  Coach (Women's Basketball)michelle.bento@tamiu.edu
De La Garza, Emily L 326-3006   KCB 110  Assistant Athletic Traineremily.delagarza@tamiu.edu
Doran, Elizabeth R 326-2900   KCB 123  Assistant Coach (Women's Basketball)elizabeth.doran@tamiu.edu
Feisner, Ernst D 326-2905   KCB 110  Athletic Trainerefeisner@tamiu.edu
Flynn, Ryan J 326-3004   KCB 114A  Coach (Baseball)ryan.flynn@tamiu.edu
Garcia, Rocio 326-2891   KCB 107  Associate Director of Athleticsrocio.garcia@tamiu.edu
Garza, Aaron 326-2908   KCB 101  Coach (Strength & Conditioning Specialist)aaron.garza1@tamiu.edu
Gonzalez, Rodolfo 326-3173   KCB 107  Coach (Golf)rodolfo.gonzalez1@tamiu.edu
Griffin, Kevin M 326-3003   KCB 125  Assistant Coach (Baseball)kevin.griffin@tamiu.edu
Jangada, Susan M 326-2894   KCB 107J  Coach (Volleyball)susan.jangada@tamiu.edu
Lathey, Daniel A 326-2892   KCB 107  Associate Director of Athleticsdlathey@tamiu.edu
Libby, Scott E 326-3001   REC 219  Coach (Softball)scott.libby@tamiu.edu
McKay, Mitchell 326-3008   KCB 101  Assistant Coach (Soccer)mitchell.mckay@tamiu.edu
Rodriguez, Benny 326-3000   KCB 107  Coach (Men's/Women's Cross Country)brodriguez@tamiu.edu
Ruthman, Amanda N 326-3007   KCB 107  Sports Information and Promotions Specialistamandan.ruthman@tamiu.edu
Sabin, Ben C 326-2899   KCB 123  Assistant Coach (Volleyball)ben.sabin@tamiu.edu
Taylor, Joel D 326-2898   KCB 126  Assistant Coach (Men's Basketball)joel.taylor@tamiu.edu
Vela, Petra 326-3000   KCB 107  Office Coordinatorpvela@tamiu.edu
Weakley, Bryan P 326-2903   KCB 107C  Coach (Men's Basketball)bryan.weakley@tamiu.edu
Zambanini, Arek C 326-3005   KCB 125  Assistant Coach (Softball)arek.zambanini@tamiu.edu
Zimmermann, Gilbert G 326-2890   KCB 107  Director of Athleticsgriz@tamiu.edu
Garcia, Mayra 326-2984   ZSC 115  Assistant Store Managerbookstore@tamiu.edu
Rios, Candie 326-2980   ZSC 115  Store Managerbookstore@tamiu.edu
Garza, Denisse 326-2369   KLM 168B  Intermediate Budget Analystdenisse.garza@tamiu.edu
Juarez III, Fred 326-2448   KLM 160A  Directorfredjuarez@tamiu.edu
Lerma, Nora A 326-2375   KLM 168  Payroll Analystnora@tamiu.edu
Martinez, Christy L 326-2371   KLM 160  Senior Budget Analystchristy.martinez@tamiu.edu
Salazar, Daniel O 326-2377   KLM 168C  Payroll Analystdaniel.salazar@tamiu.edu
Bella, Carlos 326-2148   KLM 152A  Senior Staff Accountantcbella@tamiu.edu
Gonzalez, Maria G 326-2378   KLM 162  Staff Accountant (Comptroller)mggonzalez@tamiu.edu
Herrera, Rebecca 326-2151   KLM 152  Accounting Assistantrherrera@tamiu.edu
Martinez, Elena M 326-2433   KLM 162A  Comptrolleremartinez@tamiu.edu
Mejia, Hector M 326-2812   ZSC 230  Associate Comptrollerhector.mejia@tamiu.edu
Ornelas, Patricia 326-2815   KLM 162B  Senior Staff Accountant (Comptroller)pornelas@tamiu.edu
Pena, Maria J 326-2145   ZSC 137D  Accounting Assistant (Cashier)jpena@tamiu.edu
Rangel, Melisa R 326-2150   KLM 164E  Director of Accountingmrrangel@tamiu.edu
Sandoval, Amy 326-2940   ZSC 137D  Staff Accountantamy.sandoval@tamiu.edu
Valdez, Maricela 326-2160   KLM 164D  Staff Accountant (Reconciliations)mvaldez@tamiu.edu
Vallarta, Sara A 326-2149   KLM 162C  Intermediate Staff Accountant (Comptroller)vallarta@tamiu.edu
Accounts Payable/Travel
Bocanegra, Flora H 326-2157   KLM 152  Accounting Assistant (Accts Payable)flora.bocanegra@tamiu.edu
Cantu, Erika 326-2818   KLM 152  Accounting Assistanterika.cantu@tamiu.edu
Gamez, Blanca C 326-2148   KLM 164  Clerkblancac.gamez@tamiu.edu
Medina, Martha L 326-2817   KLM 152  Staff Accountant (Travel)mmedina@tamiu.edu
Real, Elsa 326-2813   KLM 164B  Accounting Assistant (Accounts Payable)elsa.real@tamiu.edu
Romanos, Maria E 326-2147   KLM 164D  Intermediate Staff Accountantromanos@tamiu.edu
Hernandez, Andria M 326-2152   ZSC 137C  Intermediate Staff Accountantandria.hernandez@tamiu.edu
Lopez, Isabel G 326-2141   ZCS 137  Accounting Assistantissy@tamiu.edu
Maldonado, Sofia C 326-2156   ZSC 137K  Senior Staff Accountant (Bursar)smaldonado@tamiu.edu
Mancha, Maria D 326-2140   ZSC 137D  Staff Accountant (Cashier)mmancha@tamiu.edu
Santos, Rosa A 326-2941   ZSC 137B  Accounting Assistantrosa.santos@tamiu.edu
Card Services
Almaraz, Vanessa L 326-2877   ZSC 131A  Accounting Assistantvanessa.almaraz@tamiu.edu
Flores, Aide 326-2875   ZSC 131B  Campus Card Manageraide.flores@tamiu.edu
Blasco, Maria M 326-2483   WHT 204C  Undergraduate Admissions Counselormaggie@tamiu.edu
Lopez, Jessica A 326-2480   WHT 203  Executive Secretaryjessica.lopez@tamiu.edu
Lopez, Maria Imelda 326-2485   WHT 204B  Graduate Admissions Counselorlopez@tamiu.edu
Nochebuena-Evans, Leiza 326-2822   WHT 204A  Graduate Admissions Counselorlnochebuena@tamiu.edu
Rodriguez, Amy E 326-2481   WHT 203  Staff Assistantamy.rodriguez@tamiu.edu
Sears, R Steve 326-2480   WHT 203F  Dean/Killam Distinguished Professorsteve.sears@tamiu.edu
Center for the Study of Western Hemispheric Trade
Douglass, Ellie F 326-2821   WHT 222A  Journal Editor Assistantellie.douglass@tamiu.edu
Garcia, Vanessa A 326-2548   WHT 221  Staff Assistantvanessaa.Garcia@tamiu.edu
Palacios, Amy 326-2820   WHT 222E  Associate Directoramy@tamiu.edu
Division of International Banking & Finance Studies
Boudreaux, Christopher J 326-2511   WHT 217C  Assistant Professorcboudreaux@tamiu.edu
Brooks, Ryan L 326-2759   WHT 203  Adjunct Facultyryan.brooks@tamiu.edu
Brusa, Jorge O 326-2512   WHT 219C  Killam Distinguished Professor/Director of Ph.D. Programjbsa@tamiu.edu
Camacho, Pablo 326-2516   WHT 206D  Associate Professorpcamacho@tamiu.edu
Ceballos, Jose L 326-2759   WHT 203  Adjunct Facultyjose.ceballos@tamiu.edu
Chang, Jui-Chin 326-2501   WHT 218B  Assistant Professorjui-chin.chang@tamiu.edu
Cisneros, Oscar E 326-2759   WHT 217  Adjunct Facultyocisneros@tamiu.edu
Clarke, George R 326-2557   WHT 215A  Distinguished Assoc Professor (BBVA/Compass Bk Grp Chair)george.clarke@tamiu.edu
Evans Jr., Robert D 326-2846   WHT 217C  Assistant Professor/Director for Assessmentrobert.evans@tamiu.edu
Garcia, Heriberto 326-2510   WHT 203K  Associate Professionalhgarcianunez@tamiu.edu
Hung, Ken 326-2541   WHT 217A  Professorken.hung@tamiu.edu
Jha, Anand 326-2581   WHT 217B  Associate Professorajha@tamiu.edu
Knowles, Robin L 326-2530   WHT 206A  Assistant Professorrobin.knowles@tamiu.edu
Li, Wu-Lung 326-2493   WHT 206B  Assistant Professorwulung.li@tamiu.edu
Lloyd, Cynthia B 326-2505   WHT 206E  Assistant Professorcynthia.lloyd@tamiu.edu
Mukherji, Jyotsna 326-2542   WHT 217D  Associate Professorjyo@tamiu.edu
Nedeva, Nadejda K 326-2759   WHT 203  Adjunct Facultynadejda.nedeva@tamiu.edu
Palmer, Kimber J 326-2492   WHT 215  Instructorkpalmer@tamiu.edu
Patwardhan, Abhijit M 326-2524   WHT 218C  Associate Professorampatwardhan@tamiu.edu
Perez, Christina M 326-2759   WHT 203  Adjunct Facultychristina.perez@tamiu.edu
Perez, David D 326-2759   WHT 203  Adjunct Facultydavid.perez@tamiu.edu
Raga, Lesly E 326-2759   WHT 203  Staff Assistantlesly.raga@tamiu.edu
Rivas-Chavez, Andres E 326-2484   WHT 203C  Associate Professorarivas@tamiu.edu
Rodriguez, Antonio J 326-2517   WHT 203H  Prof/Interim Chair/Assoc Dean/Dir of AACSB Accreditationrodriguez@tamiu.edu
Shankar, Siddharth 326-2504   WHT 203B  Associate Professorsshankar@tamiu.edu
Wei, Yinghong S 326-2555   WHT 219B  Associate Professoryinghongs.wei@tamiu.edu
Ye, Chunlai 326-2556   WHTC 218D  Assistant Professorchunlai.ye@tamiu.edu
Yin, Anwen 326-2513   WHT 215B  Assistant Professoranwen.yin@tamiu.edu
Division of International Business & Technology Studies
Aguirre-Milling, Homero 326-2508   PLG 313B  Instructorhaguirre@tamiu.edu
De La Garza, Lina M 326-2538   PLG 313C  Instructorlina.delagarza@tamiu.edu
Ferdin, Jose M 326-2486   WHT 221  Adjunct Facultyjose.ferdin@tamiu.edu
Garcia, Hugo L 326-2507   WHT 218A  Instructor/Lab Technicianhgarcia@tamiu.edu
Hein Jr., Conrado M 326-2486   PLG 304  Adjunct Facultyconrado.hein@tamiu.edu
Huang, Yu-Hsien 326-2486   WHT 221  Adjunct Facultyyu-hsien.huang@tamiu.edu
Hurtado, Pedro S 326-2522   PLG 313F  Associate Professorhurtado@tamiu.edu
Janamanchi, Balaji 326-2537   WHT 218E  Assoc Professor/Coord Proj Exec Cert in Int' Trade/Log Progbjanamanchi@tamiu.edu
Jung, Yusun 326-2515   PLG 313J  Assistant Professoryusun.jung@tamiu.edu
Kock, Nereu F 326-2521   WHT 221E  Killam Distinguished Professor/Chairnedkock@tamiu.edu
Martinez, Cynthia 326-2486   WHT 221  Program Coordinatorcindy@tamiu.edu
Mayfield, Jacqueline R 326-2533   PLG 313E  Professorjmayfield@tamiu.edu
Mayfield, Milton R 326-2534   PLG 313D  Professormmayfield@tamiu.edu
Mukherji, Ananda K 326-2526   PLG 313H  Professormax@tamiu.edu
Parhizgar, Kamal D 326-2525   PLG 313A  Professorparhizgar@tamiu.edu
Pena-Sanchez, Rolando 326-2519   PLG 313G  Associate Professorrsanchez@tamiu.edu
Perkins, Robert A 326-2486   WHT 221  Adjunct Facultyrobert.perkins@tamiu.edu
Portillo, Rodolfo 326-2486   PLG 304  Adjunct Facultyrodolfo.portillo1@tamiu.edu
Prieto, Leonel 326-2580   PLG 313L  Associate Professorlprieto@tamiu.edu
Rodriguez, Richard 326-2486   WHT 221  Adjunct Facultyrichard.rodriguez@tamiu.edu
Roque Hernandez, Ramon 326-2486   WHT 221  Adjunct Facultyramon.roque@tamiu.edu
Syn, Thant 326-2527   PLG 313K  Assistant Professorthant.syn@tamiu.edu
Villanueva, Rogelio A 326-2486   WHT 221  Adjunct Facultyrogelio.villanueva@tamiu.edu
Wang, Haibo 326-2503   PLG 313M  Killam Distinguished Associate Professorhwang@tamiu.edu
Ph.D. Program, Office of the
Brusa, Jorge O 326-2512   WHT 219C  Professor/Dir of Ph.D. Programjbsa@tamiu.edu
Short, Pamela 326-2514   WHT 219  Executive Secretary to Ph. D. Programpshort@tamiu.edu
Small Business Development Center (SBDC)
Covarrubias, Adriana R 326-2827   WHT 223A  Staff Assistantacovarrubias@tamiu.edu
Lozano, Araceli E 326-2551   WHT 223C  Assistant Director of the Small Business Development Centeralozano@tamiu.edu
Martinez Jr., Mercurio 326-2840   WHT 222D  Director of the Small Business Development Centermercurio@tamiu.edu
Piccirillo, Angelo 722-0563   Casa Ortiz  Business/Economic Development Coordinatorapiccirillo@tamiu.edu
Rodriguez, Norma L 795-2400   Laredo Public Library  Business Advisor (Business Development)nrodriguez@tamiu.edu
Rodriguez, Tina 206-8319   Colonia and Rural Development  Business Advisor (Business Development)tina.rodriguez@tamiu.edu
Rodriguez, Yael O 326-2840   WHT 222F  Business Advisor (Business Development)yael.rodriguez@tamiu.edu
Salazar, Isabel L 326-2550   WHT 223B  Training Coordinator (Business Development)isalazar@tamiu.edu
Texas Center for Border Economic & Enterprise Development (TCBEED)
Benavides, Jacqueline O 326-2545   PLG 304B  Data & Information Specialistjbenavides@tamiu.edu
Garcia Jr., Baldomero G 326-2553   PLG 304B  Program Managerbaldogarcia@tamiu.edu
Lozano, Heleodoro 326-2549   PLG 304C  Database Specialisthlozano@tamiu.edu
Martinez Jr., Mercurio 326-2840   WHT 222D  Director of the Centers for SB and BEDmercurio@tamiu.edu
Schaffler, Federico 326-2520   PLG 304A  Director of TCBEEDwfschaffler@tamiu.edu
Maniece, Celina M 326-2264   STC 114D  Director of Employer Relationscelinam.maniece@tamiu.edu
Navarro, Ericka S 326-2262   STC 114E  Director of Employer Relationsericka.navarro@tamiu.edu
Valdez, Miguel A 326-3010   STC 114  Staff Assistantmiguel.valdez@tamiu.edu
Valle, Josefina 326-2263   STC 114  Data & Information Specialistjosefina.valle@tamiu.edu
Wheeler, Cassandra L 326-4473   STC 114F  Executive Directorcwheeler@tamiu.edu
Botello, Enrique E 326-2931   STC 127B  Event Services Managerenrique.botello@tamiu.edu
Gonzalez, Jesse 326-4636   STC 127  Director of Community Relations & Special Eventsjgonzalez@tamiu.edu
Machado, Norma 326-4367   STC 127B  Staff Assistantnorma.machado@tamiu.edu
Valenciano, Kristina 326-2930   STC 127A  Events Services Managerkristina.valenciano@tamiu.edu
Paul, Lisa M 326-2856   KLM 159C  Associate VP For Compliancelisa.paul@tamiu.edu
Athletic Compliance
Bonnette, James M 326-2731   KCB 107D  Associate Director of Athletic Compliancejames.bonnette@tamiu.edu
Miller, Henry A 326-2732   KCB 107A  Director of Athletic Compliancehenry.miller@tamiu.edu
Employee Relations / Institutional Equity / Title IX
Villanueva, Sandra 326-2857   KLM 159B  Employee Relations/Institutional Equity/Title IX Coodinatorsandra@tamiu.edu
Environmental Health & Safety
Dominguez, Adrian 326-2756   H 205  Safety/Risk Manageradrian.dominguez@tamiu.edu
Gamez, Gabriela T 326-2194   H 200  Staff Assistantgabby@tamiu.edu
Perez, Jessica 326-2190   H 210  Environmental Health and Safety Coordinatorjessica.perez01@tamiu.edu
Trevino, Edward L 326-2193   H 200  Safety Specialistedward.trevino@tamiu.edu
Alonso, Annette 326-2421   KLM 426D  Academic Advisorannette.alonso1@tamiu.edu
Benavides, Bertha 326-2423   KLM 421A  Certification Coordinatorbbenavides@tamiu.edu
De Leon, Elsie R 326-2427   KLM 417  Data & Information Specialistedeleon@tamiu.edu
Diaz, Brenda Y 326-2420   KLM 429  Staff Assistantbrenda.diaz@tamiu.edu
Lopez, Patricia G 326-3145   KLM 429B  Executive Secretarypatsy@tamiu.edu
Mireles, Selina V    KLM 432A  Associate Deanselina.mireles@tamiu.edu
Salinas Dodd, Annie P 326-2676   KLM 426C  Academic Coordinatorasalinas@tamiu.edu
Sanchez, Claudia L 326-2425   KLM 428  Staff Assistantcdiaz@tamiu.edu
Weitman, Catheryn J 326-2420   KLM 429A  Deancatheryn.weitman@tamiu.edu
Curriculum & Pedagogy, Department of
Anderson, Ronald 326-2539   KLM 419E  Associate Professorranderson@tamiu.edu
Arredondo, Christina M 326-2426   KLM 416  Staff Assistantcarredondo@tamiu.edu
Cho, Seong Kwan 326-2698   KLM 415A  Assisant Professorseongkwan.cho@tamiu.edu
Coronado, Jennifer M 326-2673   KLM 416B  Associate Professorjcoronado@tamiu.edu
Coston, Wood S 326-2426   KLM 416  Adjunct Facultywood.coston@tamiu.edu
Garza, Andrea J 326-2426   KLM 416  Adjunct Facultyandreaj.garza@tamiu.edu
Garza, Sergio D 326-2674   KLM 419H  Assistant Professionalsgarza@tamiu.edu
Gill, Puneet S 326-2689   KLM 419B  Assistant Professorpuneet.gill@tamiu.edu
Gomez, Maritza D 326-2426   KLM 416  Adjunct Facultymaritzad.gomez@tamiu.edu
Hachar, San Juanita G 326-2437   KLM 419F  Associate Professionalsjhachar@tamiu.edu
Kim, Won G 326-2685   KLM 419K  Assistant Professsorwon.kim@tamiu.edu
Leal, Sandra E 326-2426   KLM 416  Adjunct Facultysleal@tamiu.edu
Lewis, Katie D 326-3090   KLM 419A  Assistant Professorkatie.lewis@tamiu.edu
Linero, Karla 326-2426   KLM 416  Adjunct Facultykarla.linero@tamiu.edu
Linn, Diana 326-2677   KLM 416C  Associate Professor/Chairdlinn@tamiu.edu
Lopez, Elizabeth A 326-2426   KLM 416  Adjunct Facultyelizabetha.lopez@tamiu.edu
Lopez, Graciela 326-2426   KLM 416  Adjunct Facultygraciela.lopez@tamiu.edu
Norris, Jason M 326-2697   KLM 415C  Assistant Professorjason.norris@tamiu.edu
Ortiz, Stephanie L 326-2435   KLM 428  Staff Assistantsalderete@tamiu.edu
Park, Kyung-Shin 326-3158   KLM 415B  Associate Professorkpark@tamiu.edu
Pena, Delia 326-2426   KLM 416  Adjunct Facultydelia.pena@tamiu.edu
Pena, Mayra L 326-2422   KLM 428A  Asst Prof/Dir of Field & Clinical Experiencesmayra.pena@tamiu.edu
Ramirez, Noemi V 326-3157   REC 210  Instructornvramirez@tamiu.edu
Rodriguez, Benny 326-2426   KLM 416  Adjunct Facultybrodriguez@tamiu.edu
Romano, Jacqueline E 326-3143   KLM 419J  Assistant Professorjacqueline.romano@tamiu.edu
Shinn, Melissa S 326-2426   KLM 416  Adjunct Facultymelissa.shinn@tamiu.edu
Trepinski, Tonya M 326-2684   KLM 419G  Assistant Professortonya.trepinski@tamiu.edu
Villarreal, Linda V 326-2672   REC 220  Instructorlinda.villarreal@tamiu.edu
Wolk, Robert E 326-2426   KLM 416  Adjunct Facultyrobert.wolk@tamiu.edu
Professional Programs, Department of
Benigno, Stephen D 326-2681   KLM 435C  Assistant Professorsbenigno@tamiu.edu
Brown, Randel D 326-2679   KLM 432A  Associate Professor/Chairbrown@tamiu.edu
Calabro, Joanne 326-2430   KLM 432  Adjunct Facultyjoanne.calabro@tamiu.edu
Dinkel, Lorraine M 326-3166   KLM 431A  Assistant Professorlorraine.dinkel@tamiu.edu
Dominguez, Idania Y 326-3098   KLM 417B  Program Manageridominguez@tamiu.edu
Garcia, Melissa P 326-3139   KLM 427C  Assistant Professionalmpgarcia@tamiu.edu
Gratto, John R 326-2430   KLM 432  Adjunct Facultyjohn.gratto@tamiu.edu
Howell, Emily S 326-2430   KLM 432  Adjunct Facultyemily.howell@tamiu.edu
Lainas, Hanna 326-2430   KLM 431B  Adjunct Facultyhanna.lainas@tamiu.edu
Limon, Arturo 326-2430   KLM 432  Adjunct Facultyalimon@tamiu.edu
Lipsey, Tamera V 326-2430   KLM 432  Adjunct Facultytamerav.lipsey@tamiu.edu
Litman, Rebeca R 326-2430   KLM 432  Staff Assistantrlitman@tamiu.edu
Maroonroge, Sumalai 326-2682   KLM 427B  Associate Professionalsumalai.maroonroge@tamiu.edu
Miller, Karyn E 326-2523   KLM 435E  Assistant Professorkaryne.miller@tamiu.edu
Pawelek, Andrea L 326-3150   KLM 419D  Program Directorandrea.pawelek@tamiu.edu
Ramirez Jr., Alfredo 326-3141   KLM 435B  Associate Professoraramirezjr@tamiu.edu
Reyna-Barron, Elsa Y 326-2430   KLM 432  Adjunct Facultyelsa.barron@tamiu.edu
Roberson, Philip S 326-3155   KLM 417C  Clinical Assoc Professor/Coord of Assessment & Spec Projectsphilip.roberson@tamiu.edu
Robledo, Rosa M 326-3142   KLM 427D  Assistant Professionalrosa.robledo@tamiu.edu
Rose, Duncan A 326-2430   KLM 432  Adjunct Facultyduncan.rose@tamiu.edu
San Miguel, Patricia A 326-2430   KLM 432  Adjunct Facultypsanmiguel@tamiu.edu
Sanchez, Bernice Y 326-2670   KLM 418B  Associate Professorbsanchez@tamiu.edu
Saussaye, Michael 326-2430   KLM 432  Adjunct Facultymichael.saussaye@tamiu.edu
Thornton, Heather E 326-3150   KLM 435D  Program Manager (Literacy Partnership)heathere.thornton@tamiu.edu
Villarreal, Bonnie J 326-2438   KLM 418A  Clinical Assistant Professorbonniej.villarreal@tamiu.edu
Viloria, Maria D 326-4915   KLM 435A  Assistant Professormaria.viloria@tamiu.edu
Wang, Xuesong 326-3156   KLM 418C  Assistant Professorxuesong.wang@tamiu.edu
Castillo Jr., Juan J 326-2380   KLM 269A  VP for Finance & Administrationjjcastillo@tamiu.edu
Administration, Office of the Associate VP for
Liddle, Trevor C 326-2380   KLM 269B  Associate VP for Administrationtliddle@tamiu.edu
Portlock, Sylvia O 326-2380   KLM 269  Executive Secretarysylviao@tamiu.edu
Cortez, Christine A 326-2229   ZSC 214S  Associate Director of Financial Aidchristine.cortez@tamiu.edu
Elizondo, M Laura 326-2213   ZSC 214G  Directorlaura@tamiu.edu
Gaona-Woods, M Isabel 326-2161   ZSC 214K  Associate Director of Financial Aidgaona@tamiu.edu
Garcia, Veronica E 326-2164   ZSC 214J  Coordinator of Complianceroni@tamiu.edu
Garza, Sandra 326-2216   ZSC 214M  Financial Aid Records Coordinatorsandra.garza@tamiu.edu
Jimenez, Javier 326-2228   ZSC 214Q  Financial Aid Counselorjavier.jimenez@tamiu.edu
Morin, Melissa A 326-2214   ZSC 214F  Financial Aid Specialist (Verification)mmorin@tamiu.edu
Muņoz, Priscilla Y 326-2211   ZSC 214C  Financial Aid Specialistpriscilla.munoz@tamiu.edu
Ramirez, Jose 326-2227   ZSC 214P  Financial Aid Counselorjose.ramirez1@tamiu.edu
Roldan, Edna L 326-2913   ZSC 214  Clerkedna.roldan@tamiu.edu
Saucedo, Karina A 326-2226   ZSC 214N  Financial Aid Counselorkarina.saucedo@tamiu.edu
Siller, Alfredo 326-2215   ZSC 214C  Financial Aid Records Coordinatoralfredo.siller@tamiu.edu
Soltero, Brenda M 326-2212   ZSC 214H  Financial Aid Specialist (Verification)brenda.soltero@tamiu.edu
Valdez, Elizabeth R 326-2165   ZSC 214E  Student Employment Specialistevaldez@tamiu.edu
Vazquez, Ociel 326-2912   ZSC 214D  Student Success Managerociel.vazquez@tamiu.edu
Cavazos, Allyson 326-2091   STC 127C  Catering Coordinatorcatering@tamiu.edu
Garcia, Rene 326-2091   STC 127C  Catering Supervisorcatering@tamiu.edu
Rodriguez, Carlos J 326-3054   STC 232  Food Service Directorrodriguez-carlos3@tamiu.edu
Aguillon, Ariana M 326-2370   KLM 332  Intermediate Staff Accountantariana.aguillon@tamiu.edu
Barrera, Julie E 326-2372   KLM 332  Intermediate Staff Accountantjulie.barrera@tamiu.edu
Cisneros III, Juan 326-2373   KLM 332B  Directorjcisneros@tamiu.edu
Medina, Julio C 326-2376   KLM 332A  Associate Director of Grants & Contractsjmedina@tamiu.edu
Chacon, Wendy L 326-1301   RLC  Assistant Director for Residence Lifewendy.chacon@tamiu.edu
Robles Gonzalez, Maria F 326-1302   RLC  Bookkeeper 
Tabarez, Mirasol 326-1303   RLC  Director for Housing Residence Lifemtabarez@tamiu.edu
Dominguez, Melissa J 326-2367   KLM 158D  HR Generalistmelissa.dominguez@tamiu.edu
Fraga, Beverly B 326-2365   KLM 158  Staff Assistantbeverly.fraga@tamiu.edu
Garcia, M Angie 326-2360   KLM 158E  HR Employment Specialistmagarcia@tamiu.edu
Gonzalez, Martha 326-2361   KLM 158B  Directormarthao.gonzalez@tamiu.edu
Hernandez Jr., Joe G 326-2364   KLM158C  HR Leave Specialistjose.hernandez@tamiu.edu
Jimenez, Sandra M 326-2363   KLM 157E  HR Manager (Benefits)sjimenez@tamiu.edu
Martinez, Claudia E 326-2365   KLM 158  Data & Information Specialistclaudiae.martinez@tamiu.edu
Palacios, Jessica 326-2362   KLM 157F  Associate Director of HRjessica@tamiu.edu
Sandoval, Araceli 326-2368   KLM 158C  HR Manager (Immigration)araceli.sandoval@tamiu.edu
Gaskins, Leebrian E 326-2310   KLM 255D  Associate VPIT/CIOlgaskins@tamiu.edu
Lozano, Selina Y 326-2318   KLM 255  Office Coordinatorselina@tamiu.edu
Salazar, Yezmin D 326-2292   KLM 255C  Executive Secretaryyezmin@tamiu.edu
Computing & Information Services
Chavez Jr., Alberto 326-2029   KLM 257  Director of Computing & Information Servicesalbertc@tamiu.edu
Gonzalez, Adalberto 326-2310   KLM 257  IT Support Specialistadalberto.gonzalez@tamiu.edu
Hernandez, Marco A 326-2317   KLM 257  Senior Network Administratormarco.hernandez@tamiu.edu
Lopez, Pedro L 326-2044   KLM 257  Windows Systems Administratorpedro.lopez@tamiu.edu
Nunez, Enid E 326-2313   KLM 257  Senior Network Administratorenid@tamiu.edu
Paiz III, Alfredo 326-2303   KLM 257  Network Administratoralfredo@tamiu.edu
Serna, Susie A 326-2310   KLM 255E  Help Desk Coordinatorsaserna@tamiu.edu
Vela, Homero R 326-2314   KLM 155  UNIX/Linux Systems Administratorhomero@tamiu.edu
Villalobos Gonzalez, Nohemi 326-2311   KLM 257  Information Security Analystnohemi@tamiu.edu
Instructional Technology and Distance Education Sevices
Abrego, Patricia C 326-2302   KLM 259A  Director of Instructional Technology & Distance Educationpabrego@tamiu.edu
Barraza, Christian 326-2792   KLM 259  Staff Assistantchristian.barraza@tamiu.edu
Ramirez, Juan A 326-2793   KLM 257A  Instructional Technology Coordinatortonyramz@tamiu.edu
Sanchez, Gloria Z 326-2295   KLM 259  Instructional Technology Coordinatorgloriaz.sanchez@tamiu.edu
Tovar, Julio C 326-2791   KLM 257B  Instructional Technology Coordinatorjulio@tamiu.edu
Vallarta, Carlos A 326-2298   KLM 257C  Instructional Technology Coordinatorcarlos.vallarta@tamiu.edu
Zimmermann, Phylis A 326-2294   KLM 259B  Instructional Technology Coordinator (Dual Credit)pzimmermann@tamiu.edu
Media Services
Colchado, Nancy 326-2027   CWT 115  Instructional Technology Services Specialistnancy.mendoza@tamiu.edu
Gonzalez Jr., Roberto 326-2312   KLM 259  Associate Director of Instructional Technology Servicesroberto@tamiu.edu
Martinez, Jesus H 326-2045   CWT 115  Instructional Technology Services Specialistjesus.martinez@tamiu.edu
Solis, Roberto D 326-2487   PLG 202  Instructional Technology Services Specialistroberto.solis@tamiu.edu
Tapia, Alfred G 326-2043   STC 202A  Instructional Technology Video Specialistalfred.tapia@tamiu.edu
Student Information Services
Garcia, Eric B 326-2021   KLM 155B  Senior Software Applications Developereric@tamiu.edu
Martinez, Elizabeth 326-2306   KLM 155C  Lead Database Programmer/Analystelizabeth@tamiu.edu
Ramirez, Ricardo 326-2307   KLM 155C  Associate Director of Student Information Servicesricky@tamiu.edu
Segovia, Francisco 326-2305   KLM 155  Database Programmer/Analystfrank@tamiu.edu
Trevino, Roberto 326-2316   KLM 155  Database Programmer/Analystroberto.trevino@tamiu.edu
User Services
Barrera, Aquiles 326-2291   KLM 257  Senior IT Support Specialistaquiles@tamiu.edu
Castillo, Fabian 326-2310   KLM 257  IT Support Specialistfabian.castillo@tamiu.edu
Cavazos, Raul 326-2310   KLM 257  Senior IT Support Specialistraul.cavazos@tamiu.edu
Cuevas Jr., Jose L 326-2022   KLM 257  IT Support Specialistjosel.cuevas@tamiu.edu
Hernandez, Robert 326-2025   KLM 257  Senior IT Support Specialistrobhernandez@tamiu.edu
Infante, Sergio A 326-2296   KLM 257  IT Support Specialistsergio@tamiu.edu
Layton, Daniel 326-2310   KLM 257  IT Support Specialistdaniel.layton@tamiu.edu
Reyes, Pablo 326-2308   KLM 257  Associate Director of User Servicespablo@tamiu.edu
Blake, Michael A 326-2168   KLM 260A  Director of Athletic Development & External Affairsmichael.blake@tamiu.edu
Bravo III, James E 326-2167   KLM 261B  Coordinator of Scholarships & Stewardshipsjames.bravo@tamiu.edu
Castro, Marta 326-2175   KLM 261A  Advancement Information Services Specialistmarta.castro@tamiu.edu
Colunga, Catarina M 326-2169   KLM 262A  Director of University Sponsorshipsccolunga@tamiu.edu
Escamilla, Angie 326-2173   KLM 260  Executive Secretaryaescamilla@tamiu.edu
Gibeaut, Jazmin A 326-2170   KLM 261C  Student Philanthropy Coordinatorjazmina.gibeaut@tamiu.edu
Hein, Candy 326-2388   KLM 270B  Associate VP for Institutional Advancementcandy.hein@tamiu.edu
Howard, Yelitza M 326-4483   KLM 260B  Director of Alumni Relationsyelitza.howard@tamiu.edu
Lopez, Melissa E 326-2177   KLM 262  Coordinator of Prospect Researchmelissae.lopez@tamiu.edu
Martinez, Leticia 326-2176   KLM 261  Staff Assistantleticia.martinez@tamiu.edu
Palacios, Rosanne 326-2178   KLM 262B  Vice President for Institutional Advancementrosanne.palacios@tamiu.edu
Lara, Maria C 326-2334   KLM 334  Data & Information Specialistconnielara@tamiu.edu
Martinez, Veronica G 326-2323   KLM 334B  Directorveronica@tamiu.edu
Romanos, Nicole M 326-2322   KLM 334  Data & Information Specialistnromanos@tamiu.edu
Cantu, Maria G 523-7404   UTHSC Library  Library Assistant Imariag.cantu@tamiu.edu
Ferrier, Douglas M 326-2393   KLM 216A  Directordouglas.ferrier@tamiu.edu
Perez, Gladys D 326-2400   KLM 216  Office Coordinatorgperez@tamiu.edu
Webb, Rodney M 326-2119   KLM 214D  Reference/Government Documents Librarianrwebb@tamiu.edu
Cantu, Juanita P 326-2125   KLM 215  Library Assistantpcantu@tamiu.edu
Garza, Anna D 326-2124   KLM 215B  Library Information Specialistagarza@tamiu.edu
Hinojosa, Rogelio H 326-2123   KLM 214C  Acquisitions Librarianrhinojosa@tamiu.edu
Lozano, Martha M 326-2127   KLM 215  Library Assistantmlozano@tamiu.edu
Maldonado, Ofelia Y 326-2126   KLM 215  Library Assistantomaldonado@tamiu.edu
Rodriguez, Amelia V 326-2402   KLM 215  Library Assistantarodriguez@tamiu.edu
Lindsey, Nerissa S 326-2114   KLM 215E  Catalog Librariannslindsey@tamiu.edu
Palacios, Anabel 326-2113   KLM 215  Library Information Specialistapalacios@tamiu.edu
Ramirez, Norma S 326-2128   KLM 215  Library Assistantnsramirez@tamiu.edu
Amaya, Christopher D 326-2122   KLM 107  Library Information Specialistchristopher.amaya@tamiu.edu
Brulloths, Jacob D 326-2108   KLM 107  Library Assistantjacob.brulloths@tamiu.edu
Ramirez, Vanessa A 326-2112   KLM 108  Library Assistantvanessa.ramirez@tamiu.edu
Rodriguez, Lorenzo A 326-2110   KLM 108  Circulation Services Coordinatorlrodriguez@tamiu.edu
Torres, Jennifer 326-2111   KLM 108  Library Assistantjennifer.torres@tamiu.edu
Computer Services
Bogue, Timothy E 326-2137   KLM 215C  Systems/Web Services Librariantebogue@tamiu.edu
Reference/Government Documents/Inter-Library Loans
Arreola, Omelia 326-2121   KLM 214B  Library Information Specialistomelia.arreola@tamiu.edu
Dalton, Malynda M 326-2403   KLM 218  Reference/Access Services Librarianmdalton@tamiu.edu
Hatcher, Jeanette M 326-2404   KLM 205B  Reference/Special Collections Librarianjhatcher@tamiu.edu
Hernandez, Hector M 326-2078   KLM 109  Library Assistanthhernandez@tamiu.edu
Maxstadt, John M 326-2116   KLM 109C  Head of Public Servicesjmaxstadt@tamiu.edu
Molina, Josefina 326-2121   KLM 214B  Library Information Specialist josefina.molina@tamiu.edu
Ramirez, Cesar 326-2115   KLM 109B  Library Information Specialistcesar.ramirez@tamiu.edu
Ramos, Elsa D 326-2117   KLM 109A  Library Information Specialisteramos@tamiu.edu
Alleman, Monica J 326-3112   KLM 435G  Assistant Professormonica.alleman@tamiu.edu
Bassett, Sarah F 326-2572   CNS 315F  Clinical Assistant Professorsarahf.bassett@tamiu.edu
Bischoff, Whitney R 326-2576   CNS 315A  Associate Professorwbischoff@tamiu.edu
Buentello, Anna 326-3110   CNS 111D  Undergraduate Admissions Counseloranna.buentello@tamiu.edu
Cerda Jr., Jorge A 326-3109   CNS 315  Staff Assistantjorgea.cerda@tamiu.edu
Donnell, Wendy L 326-2453   KLM 435H  Assistant Professor/Associate Deanwendy.donnell@tamiu.edu
Flores, Linda D 326-2577   CNS 315J  Clinical Assistant Professorldflores@tamiu.edu
Garcia, Vivian 326-2578   CNS 111B  Clinical Assistant Professorvivian@tamiu.edu
George, Gwendolyn S 326-3114   CNS 315B  Associate Professor/Director of Graduate Programs in Nursinggwendolyn.george@tamiu.edu
Gonzalez, Belva J 326-2452   CNS 315A  Clinical Assistant Professorbgonzalez@tamiu.edu
Gonzalez Jr., Alejandro 326-3109   CNS 315  Adjunct Facultyalejandro.gonzalez@tamiu.edu
Gribble, Linda L 326-2450   CNS 304  Executive Secretarylgribble@tamiu.edu
Gunnoe, Carol A 326-2458   CNS 315M  Clinical Assistant Professorcarol.gunnoe@tamiu.edu
Haber, Rita M 326-2457   CNS 315G  Clinical Assistant Professorrita.haber@tamiu.edu
Heard, Guillermo 326-3109   CNS 315  Adjunct Facultyguillermo.heard@tamiu.edu
Hernandez, Norma L 326-2450   CNS 315  Adjunct Facultynorma.hernandez@tamiu.edu
Hernandez, San Juanita 326-2455   CNS 315G  Clinical Assistant Professorsanjuanita.hernandez@tamiu.edu
Kong, Lisa H 326-2576   CNS 315E  Clinical Assistant Professorlisa.kong@tamiu.edu
Landry, Heidi T 326-2575   KLM 435G  Associate Professor/Interim Coord of the MSN Admin Programheidit.landry@tamiu.edu
Lara, Irma A 326-2450   CNS 315  Adjunct Facultyilara@tamiu.edu
Lerma, Veronica 326-2450   CNS 315  Adjunct Facultyveronica.flores@tamiu.edu
Lopez, Juan A 326-2450   CNS 315  Adjunct Facultyjuan.lopez@tamiu.edu
Lujano, Julio 326-3113   CNS 111C  Assistant Professorjulio.lujano@tamiu.edu
Melendez, Sara A 326-3271   CNS 315E  Clinical Assistant Professorsara.melendez@tamiu.edu
Mena, Jessie M 326-3111   CNS 315F  Clinical Assistant Professormmena@tamiu.edu
Molina III, Rogelio 326-2450   CNS 315  Adjunct Facultyrogelio.molina@tamiu.edu
Pena, Jesus 326-3109   CNS 315  Adjunct Facultyjpena1@tamiu.edu
Saldivar, Rose A 326-2573   CNS 315L  Clinical Assistant Professorrsaldivar@tamiu.edu
Salinas, Martha E 326-2579   CNS 315M  Clinical Assistant Professormartha.salinas@tamiu.edu
Sandrock, Nancy 326-3279   CNS 315H  Clinical Assistant Professornancy.sandrock@tamiu.edu
Seibert, Yolanda 326-2450   CNS 315  Adjunct Facultyyolanda.seibert@tamiu.edu
Teran, Merari T 326-3107   CNS 111B  Nursing Lab Assistantmerari.teran@tamiu.edu
Torregosa, Marivic B 326-2456   CNS 315D  Asst Professor/Interim Director of Grad Programs for CONHSmtorregosa@tamiu.edu
Tubbe, Rhonda L 326-3109   CH 315  Adjunct Facultyrhonda.tubbe@tamiu.edu
Valle-Sullivan, Veronica 326-2450   CNS 315  Adjunct Facultyveronica.valle@tamiu.edu
Walker, Glenda C 326-2574   CNS 304C  Deanglenda.walker@tamiu.edu
Wise, Russell J 326-3270   CNS 315H  Clinical Assistant Professorrussell.wise@tamiu.edu
Aguilar, Kimberly 326-2325   H 200  Administrative Assistant 
Garza, Roberto A 326-2325   H 202  Directorfacil@tamiu.edu
Lopez, Albert 326-2325   H 201  Assistant Directoralbert@tamiu.edu
Casares, Kathy A 326-2320   KLM 270  Executive Secretarykathy.casares@tamiu.edu
Keck III, Ray M 326-2320   KLM 270  Presidentrkeck@tamiu.edu
Soliz, Juanita M 326-2321   KLM 270C  Special Assistant to Presidentjmsoliz@tamiu.edu
Akikuni, Mika S 326-2184   KLM 268  Associate Director of Marketingmakikuni@tamiu.edu
Barrientos-Whitfield, Melissa 326-2183   KLM 268B  Social Media & Communications Managermbarrientos@tamiu.edu
Bogue, Laura M 326-2180   KLM 268  Staff Assistantlaura.bogue@tamiu.edu
Clamont, Ana P 326-2182   KLM 268  Design & Brand Manageraclamont@tamiu.edu
Harmon, Steve K 326-2180   KLM 268C  Directorharmon@tamiu.edu
King, Rory 326-2015   KLM 268D  Director of Webrory.king@tamiu.edu
Mathews, Kacy L 326-2185   KLM 268B  Designerkacy.mathews@tamiu.edu
Santos, Rolando E 326-2181   KLM 268B  Videographer/Photographerrolando.santos@tamiu.edu
Hernandez, Bernardo 326-2353   KLM 006B  Senior Postal Services Clerkmailroom@tamiu.edu
Print Shop
Diaz, Victor H 326-2354   KLM 015  Support Services Specialistvdiaz@tamiu.edu
Hernandez, Alicia 326-2354   KLM 015  Support Services Specialistalice@tamiu.edu
Echandy, Laura 326-2343   KLM 335C  Procurement Card Coordinatorlaura.echandy@tamiu.edu
Gaona, Nora U 326-2350   KLM 335A  Buyerngaona@tamiu.edu
Granado, Elizabeth D 326-2345   KLM 335B  Senior Buyeregranado@tamiu.edu
Gutierrez, Ann E 326-2346   KLM 335E  Director of Purchasing & Support Servicesann.gutierrez@tamiu.edu
Hernandez, Maria Elena 326-2347   KLM 335D  Associate Director of Purchasing & Support Servicesmerher@tamiu.edu
Alvarado, David 326-2340   KLM 016  Senior Receiving Clerkdavida@tamiu.edu
Herrera, Christian 326-2341   KLM 016  Receiving Clerkchristian.herrera@tamiu.edu
Mendoza Jr., Oscar 326-2342   KLM 016  Receiving Clerkoscar.mendoza@tamiu.edu
Support Services
Caballero, Cesar A 326-2990   KLM 006  Support Services Specialistcesara.caballero@tamiu.edu
Calderon, Cristina M 326-2356   KLM 335G  Office Coordinatorcristinam.calderon@tamiu.edu
Cerda, Sebastian 326-2357   KLM 006  Property Managersebastian.cerda@tamiu.edu
Barrera, Sylvia 326-3016   REC 207  Directorsylvia.barrera@tamiu.edu
Davenport, Victoria A 326-3017   REC 222  Strength & Conditioning Specialistvictoria.davenport@tamiu.edu
Garcia, Christian A 326-3019   REC 209  Recreational Sports Specialistchristian.garcia@tamiu.edu
Garza III, Roberto H 326-3019   REC 209  Associate Director (Facility & Operations)roberto.garza@tamiu.edu
Gonzalez, Eric M 326-3018   REC 101  Recreational and Intramural Specialisteric.gonzalez@tamiu.edu
Quinn, Sylvia M 326-3017   REC 222  Associate Director (Fitness & Wellness)sylvia.quinn@tamiu.edu
Rodriguez, Gabriel S 326-3014   REC 208  Strength and Conditioning Specialistgabriel.rodriguez@tamiu.edu
Vela-Mendoza, Maria I 326-3015   REC 223  Office Coordinatorirene@tamiu.edu
Bustamante, Michael 326-2270   ZSC 130  Enrollment Specialistmichael.bustamante@tamiu.edu
Contreras, Rafael E 326-2770   ZSC 130F  Student Success Coordinatorrafael.contreras@tamiu.edu
De La Cruz Jr., Antonio 326-2270   ZSC 130  Enrollment Specialistantonio.delacruz@tamiu.edu
Dimas, Jorge A 326-2782   ZSC 130G  Enrollment Specialistjorge.dimas@tamiu.edu
Duarte, Ruth 326-2772   ZSC 130M  Enrollment Specialistruth.duarte@tamiu.edu
Fisher, Scheiby C 326-2780   ZSC 130E  Directorsfisher@tamiu.edu
Garcia, Mayra A 326-2773   ZSC 130H  Associate Director of Recruitment & School Relationsmayra.garcia@tamiu.edu
Garcia Jr., Juan P 326-2270   ZSC 130  Enrollment Specialistjuan.garcia@tamiu.edu
Granados, Mirian 326-2270   ZSC 130  Enrollment Specialistmirian.granados@tamiu.edu
Hernandez, Ana L 326-2201   ZSC 130P  Data & Information Specialistalhernandez@tamiu.edu
Mojica, Madison L 326-2270   ZSC 130  Enrollment Specialistmadison.mojica@tamiu.edu
Reyes, Jesus G 326-2270   ZSC 130K  Enrollment Specialistjesusg.reyes@tamiu.edu
Rivera, Roxana G 326-2271   ZSC 130N  Enrollment Specialistroxanag.rivera@tamiu.edu
Trevino, Jessica C 326-2771   ZSC 130Q  Associate Director of Recruitment & School Relationsjessicac.trevino@tamiu.edu
Aquino, Diana N 326-2702   STC 126  Office Coordinatordiana.aquino@tamiu.edu
Foster, Mary Susan 326-3161   STC 128G  Program Director (MSEIP)mary.foster@tamiu.edu
Madrigal, Julio F 326-2720   STC 126G  Professor/Executive Director of Special Programsjfmadrigal@tamiu.edu
Zebadua, Claudia C 326-3163   STC 128  Staff Assistantclaudia.zebadua@tamiu.edu
College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) & High School Equivalency Program (HEP)
Sanchez, Efrain D 326-2708   STC 128D  Director of Migrant Programsesanchez@tamiu.edu
Alarcon, Iris L 361-527-3203   Hebbronville High School  Site Coordinator (Benavides/Jim Hogg/Webb CISD)iris.alarcon@tamiu.edu
Aquino, Maria C 273-6225   Nixon High School  Site Coordinator (Laredo ISD)maria.aquino@tamiu.edu
Barrientos, Ana M 326-3168   STC 126  Staff Assistantana.barrientos@tamiu.edu
Benitez, Ricardo E 956-519-4150   Juarez Lincoln High School  Site Coordinator (La Joya ISD)ricardo.benitez@tamiu.edu
Castaneda Jr., Mario A 830-879-2374   Cotulla High School  Site Coordinator (Cotulla/Dilley/Pearsall)mario.castaneda@tamiu.edu
Chapa, Sonia A 473-5506   United South High School  Program Coordinator (United ISD)sonia.chapa@tamiu.edu
Cipple, Eliana 361-527-3203   Hebbronville High School  Program Coordinator (Benavides/Jim Hogg/Webb CISD)eliana.cipple@tamiu.edu
Contreras, Luz M 326-2766   STC 128C  Staff Assistantlcontreras@tamiu.edu
Escobar Smithwick, Angelica 361-664-0126   Alice High School  Site Coordinator (Alice ISD)angelica.smithwick@tamiu.edu
Garcia, Rosalinda 326-3065   STC 126C  Data & Information Specialistrosalinda.garcia@tamiu.edu
Gomez, Angelica G 473-5796   United High School  Program Coordinator (United ISD)agomez@tamiu.edu
Gonzalez, Ana M 326-3165   STC 128E  Research Director for GEAR-UP IVana.gonzalez@tamiu.edu
Gonzalez, Arnoldo 956-519-5779   Palmview High School  Site Coordinator (Palmview HS/Jimmy Carter ECHS)arnoldo.gonzalez@tamiu.edu
Gonzalez Jr., Arnulfo C 830-773-2381   Eagle Pass High School  Site Coordinator (Eagle Pass ISD)arnulfo.gonzalez@tamiu.edu
Gutierrez, Magdaly 956-273-6633   Martin High School  Program Coordinator (Laredo ISD)magdaly.gutierrez@tamiu.edu
Herrera, Dominique L 326-3168   STC 128  Site Coordinator (Alice High School) 
Jacobson, Araceli M 473-5796   United High School  Site Coordinator (United ISD)araceli.jacobson@tamiu.edu
Lopez, Abigail 273-6633   Martin High School  Site Coordinator (Laredo ISD)abigail.lopez@tamiu.edu
Lopez, Victoria A 956-580-5185   La Joya High School  Program Coordinator (La Joya ISD)victoriaa.lopez@tamiu.edu
Martinez, Cristina 473-2235   Alexander High School  Site Coordinator (United ISD)cristina.martinez@tamiu.edu
Moreno, Miguel 956-519-4150   Juarez Lincoln High School  Program Coordinator (La Joya ISD)miguel.moreno@tamiu.edu
Moreno, R Ricardo 326-2764   STC 126D  Director of GEAR-UP IVrick.moreno@tamiu.edu
Pena, Omar J 361-348-3915   Premont High School  Site Coordinator (Orange Grove/Ben-Bold/Premont ISD)omar.pena@tamiu.edu
Perez, Sylvia B 830-875-5237   Carrizo Springs High School  Site Coordinator (Carrizo Springs/Crystal City/La Pryor ISD)sylvia.perez@tamiu.edu
Ramirez, Gerardo 830-757-0828   C. C. Winn High School  Site Coordinator (Eagle Pass ISD)gerardo.ramirez@tamiu.edu
Ramirez, Marlen 830-757-0828   C. C. Winn High School  Program Coordinator (Eagle Pass ISD)marlen.ramirez@tamiu.edu
Rodriguez, Mariana 326-2700   STC 126  Program Coordinator (Alexander High School)mariana.rodriguez@tamiu.edu
Sciaraffa III, Salvador 473-5506   United South High School  Site Coordinator (Regional)salvador.sciaraffa@tamiu.edu
Tellez, John C 830-773-2381   Eagle Pass High School  Program Coordinator (Eagle Pass ISD)john.tellez@tamiu.edu
Trevino, Martha S 326-3062   STC 126E  Program Manager (Partner Liaison)martha@tamiu.edu
Velasquez, Ana M 273-6814   Cigarroa High School  Program Coordinator (Laredo ISD)avelasquez@tamiu.edu
Villarreal, Lorraine E 273-6225   Nixon High School  Program Coordinator (Laredo ISD)lorraine.villarreal@tamiu.edu
Villarreal, Melinda 956-519-5779   Palmview High School  Program Coordinator (Palmview HS/Jimmy Carter ECHS)melinda.villarreal@tamiu.edu
Alva, Gerardo 326-2284   STC 226A  Associate VP for Student Affairsgerardo.alva@tamiu.edu
Herrera, Sarah R 326-2282   STC 226  Staff Assistantsarah.herrera@tamiu.edu
Perez, San Juanita 326-2948   STC 226B  Associate Director of Student Success Servicessanjuanita.perez@tamiu.edu
Valdez, Diana C 326-2564   STC 224C  International Student Advisordiana.valdez@tamiu.edu
International Engagement
Gonzalez, Triana 326-2565   STC 226  Associate Director of International Engagementtriana.gonzalez@tamiu.edu
Martinez, Cynthia 326-2566   STC 224C  International Student Advisorcynthia@tamiu.edu
Hernandez, Mayra G 326-2288   STC 226D  Director of Student Conduct & Community Engagementmghernandez@tamiu.edu
Hinojosa, Sylvia M 326-2286   STC 226  Outreach & Retention Specialistsylvia.hinojosa@tamiu.edu
Alvarado, Daniel E 326-2762   ZSC 138G  Counselordaniel.alvarado@tamiu.edu
Flores, Michelle Y 326-3087   ZSC 138F  Counselor (Engaging Sophomores)michelle.flores@tamiu.edu
Garcia, Vanessa G 326-2763   ZSC 138B  Disability Services Coordinatorvanessag.garcia@tamiu.edu
Garza, Beverly Y 326-2230   ZSC 138  Staff Assistantbeverly.garza@tamiu.edu
Hernandez, Aracely C 326-2232   ZSC 138J  Director of Student Counseling & Disability Servicesachernandez@tamiu.edu
Ramos, Rosabel 326-3088   ZSC 138H  Counselorrosabel.ramos@tamiu.edu
Serna, Jonathan P 326-2760   ZSC 138E  Counselorjonathan.serna@tamiu.edu
Velasquez, Kristina D 326-3084   ZSC 138C  Counselorkristina.velasquez@tamiu.edu
Alvarado, Margarita A 326-2237   STC 125  Registered Nurse (RN)margaritaa.alvarado@tamiu.edu
Beltran, Claudia C 326-2236   STC 125C  Associate Director of Student Health Servicesclaudia.beltran@tamiu.edu
Flores, Manuel R 326-2873   STC 125  Director of Student Health Servicesmanuelr.flores@tamiu.edu
Michelangeli, Angelica M 326-2454   CNS 111B  Clinical Assistant Professor/Interim Director of SHSamichelangeli@tamiu.edu
Vela, Sonia L 326-2235   STC 125Q  Medical Assistantsvela@tamiu.edu
Renn, Teresa M 326-2281   STC 224  Associate Director of SOLEteresam.renn@tamiu.edu
Trevino, Miguel A 326-2283   STC 226C  Director of Student Orientation, Leadership & Engagementmtrevino@tamiu.edu
Zipprian, Jennifer 326-2280   STC 226  Outreach & Retention Specialistjennifer.zipprian@tamiu.edu
Gonzalez, Gina D 326-2206   ZSC 224A  Associate VP of Student Successgina@tamiu.edu
Ramirez, Minita 326-2278   ZSC 224D  VP for Student Successminita@tamiu.edu
Sarabia, Celinda C 326-2784   ZSC 224B  Executive Secretarycsarabia@tamiu.edu
Tijerina, Daniel I 326-2387   ZSC 230  Student Success Managerdtijerina@tamiu.edu
Aviles, Jorge L 326-2808   ZSC 223C  Data & Information Specialistjaviles@tamiu.edu
Cantu, Leticia 326-2134   CWT 202  Adjunct Facultyleticia.cantu@tamiu.edu
Cantu, Lilia P 326-2803   ZSC 223  Instructorlilia.cantu@tamiu.edu
Cuellar, Rebecca G 326-2742   CWT 207B  Instructorrebecca.garza@tamiu.edu
Dykstra, Holly A 326-2134   CWT 202  Adjunct Facultyholly.dykstra@tamiu.edu
Garza, Deena L 326-2134   ZSC 223  Adjunct Facultydeena.garza@tamiu.edu
Gutierrez, Judy 326-2134   CWT 202  Adjunct Facultyjudy.gutierrez@tamiu.edu
Gutierrez Jr., Jose M 326-2743   CWT 206D  Instructorjosem.gutierrez@tamiu.edu
Hickey, Concepcion C 326-2801   ZSC 223J  Deanchickey@tamiu.edu
Hoey, Ann T 326-2713   CWT 206A  Instructorahoey@tamiu.edu
Holmgreen, Destine D 326-2745   CWT 202A  Instructordholmgreen@tamiu.edu
Kazen, Hayley D 326-2805   ZSC 223E  Instructorhkazen@tamiu.edu
Thorpe, Monica M 326-2800   ZSC 223D  Instructormonica.thorpe@tamiu.edu
Watkins, Virginia D 326-2789   ZSC 223H  Assistant Program Managervirginia.watkins@tamiu.edu
Advising & Mentoring Center
Elizondo, Melinda G 326-2995   ZSC 222D  Athletics Academic Coordinatormelinda.elizondo@tamiu.edu
Garza, Rebecca A 326-2992   ZSC 222K  Academic Advisorragarza@tamiu.edu
Juarez, Melissa 326-2910   ZSC 222N  Academic Advisormelissa.juarez@tamiu.edu
Maldonado, Lucia I 326-2970   ZSC 222L  Associate Director lucia.maldonado@tamiu.edu
Navarro, Lisa M 326-2886   ZSC 222  Office Coordinatorlnavarro@tamiu.edu
Resendez, Jessica 326-2994   ZSC 222C  Academic Advisor (Engaging Sophomores)jessica.resendez@tamiu.edu
Rodriguez, Ruby R 326-2993   ZSC 222C  Academic Advisorruby.rodriguez@tamiu.edu
Standage, Kristen 326-2785   ZSC 222J  Director of the Advising and Mentoring Centerkstandage@tamiu.edu
Developmental Studies
Jasso Chavez, Alma V 326-2882   CWT 202B  Instructorajasso@tamiu.edu
Rodriguez, Daniela 326-2725   CWT 202C  Instructordanielarodriguez@tamiu.edu
Professional Resource Opportunities For Faculty (PROF) Center
Perez, Cihtlalli G 326-3132   KLM 421C  Data & Information Specialist (Engaging Sophomores)cihtlallig.perez@tamiu.edu
Uribe, Marcela 326-3133   KLM 421B  Program Director (Svc Learning/Comm Learning/Fac Dev Opp)marcela.uribe@tamiu.edu
Student Support Services Grant Program (SSSGP)
Mata, Elizabeth S 326-2744   CWT 207A  Program Coordinatorelizabeth.mata@tamiu.edu
Salazar II, Gustavo 326-2712   CWT 208B  Academic Coordinatorgustavo.salazar@tamiu.edu
Valle, Maria Leticia 326-2719   CWT 208F  Director of the SSSGPlvalle@tamiu.edu
Whitt, Crystal J 326-2718   CWT 208  Program Coordinatorcrystalj.whitt@tamiu.edu
Testing Center
Hernandez, Kaleena M 326-3191   ZSC 201  Data & Information Specialistkaleena.hernandez@tamiu.edu
Martinez Jr., Alejandro A 326-2888   ZSC 201C  Director of the Testing Centeramartinezjr@tamiu.edu
Ramos, Blanca E 326-3190   ZSC 201B  Associate Directorbramos@tamiu.edu
Sanchez Jr., Jose L 326-2131   ZSC 201  Clerkjose.sanchez@tamiu.edu
University Learning Center
Cortez, Norma A 326-2722   CWT 205A  Office Coordinatorncortez@tamiu.edu
Garza, Aida C 326-2132   CWT 205B  Director of the University Learning Centeraidagarza@tamiu.edu
Guzman, Veronica J 326-2714   CWT 207A  Staff Assistantveronica.guzman@tamiu.edu
Writing Center
Martinez, Jonathan 326-2907   CWT 203C  Associate Director of Writing Centerjonathan.martinez@tamiu.edu
Shehab, Taryn 326-2883   CWT 203  Office Coordinatortshehab@tamiu.edu
Thomas, Kimberly R 326-2885   CWT 203D  Director of the Writing Centerkthomas@tamiu.edu
Acosta, Susana 326-2100   KLM 005  Police Dispatchersusana.acosta@tamiu.edu
Alanis, Rosa E 326-2100   KLM 005  Police Officerrosae.alanis@tamiu.edu
Alonzo, James 326-2100   KLM 005  Police Dispatcherjames.alonzo@tamiu.edu
Bonilla, George 326-2100   KLM 005  Police Officergeorge.bonilla@tamiu.edu
Castillo, Jennifer L 326-2100   KLM 005  Police Dispatcherjennifer.castillo@tamiu.edu
Coronado, Ana K 326-2100   KLM 005  Police Officeranak.coronado@tamiu.edu
Cumpian, Juan A 326-3103   KLM 005  Police Investigatorjuan.cumpian@tamiu.edu
Dominguez, Marco A 326-2100   KLM 005  Police Officermarco.dominguez@tamiu.edu
Galarza, Eduardo 326-2100   KLM 005  Police Officereduardo.galarza@tamiu.edu
Garcia, Cynthia S 326-2104   KLM 005  Office Coordinatorcgarcia@tamiu.edu
Garcia Jr., Raymundo 326-2100   KLM 005  Police Lieutenantrgarcia@tamiu.edu
Gomez, Cesar A 326-2100   KLM 005  Police Officercesar.gomez@tamiu.edu
Gomez Jr., Nicolas 326-2100   KLM 005  Police Lieutenantngomez@tamiu.edu
Gomez Jr., Rudolph Q 326-2100   KLM 005  Campus Security Assistantrudolph.gomez@tamiu.edu
Gonzalez, Roel 326-2100   KLM 005  Police Officerroel.gonzalez@tamiu.edu
Johannes, Michael R 326-2100   KLM 005  Police Officermichaelr.johannes@tamiu.edu
Lerma, Elise L 326-2100   KLM 005  Police Dispatcherelisel.lerma@tamiu.edu
Maldonado Jr., Daniel 326-2100   KLM 005  Police Dispatcherdaniel.maldonado@tamiu.edu
Moreno, Sergio 326-3104   KLM 008A  Police Captain (Police Operations)sergio.moreno@tamiu.edu
Rios, Ricardo 326-2100   KLM 005  Police Officerricardo.rios@tamiu.edu
Ruiz Jr., Efrain 326-2100   KLM 005  Police Officerefrain@tamiu.edu
San Miguel III, Fructuoso 326-2101   KLM 005A  Directorfructuoso.sanmiguel@tamiu.edu
Sanchez, Lino E 326-2106   KLM 008A  Police Investigatorlino.sanchez@tamiu.edu
Smith Jr., Thomas S 326-2102   KLM 010  Police Captain (Police Administration)thomas@tamiu.edu
Velasco Jr., Roque 326-2100   KLM 005  Police Lieutenantroque.velasco@tamiu.edu
Acosta, Lorena P 326-2253   ZSC 121E  Student Records Coordinatorlacosta@tamiu.edu
Aguilar, Eric 326-2254   ZSC 121K  Veterans Affairs Coordinatoreric.aguilar@tamiu.edu
Arreguin, Sandra 326-2255   ZSC 121D  Student Records Coordinatorsarreguin@tamiu.edu
Blackwell, Diana 326-2203   ZSC 121  Student Records Coordinatordiana.blackwell@tamiu.edu
Calderon, Celina M 326-2218   ZSC 121  Student Records Coordinatorcelina.calderon@tamiu.edu
Castellanos, Monica 326-2246   ZSC 121  Student Records Coordinatormonica.castellanos@tamiu.edu
Garcia Jr., Juan G 326-2468   ZSC 121B  University Registrarjgarcia@tamiu.edu
Garza Jr., Arturo 326-2250   ZSC 121D  Office Coordinatorarturo@tamiu.edu
Gutierrez, Karla J 326-2247   ZSC 121G  Student Success Managerkarlaj.gutierrez@tamiu.edu
Hinojosa, Judith D 326-2251   ZSC 121G  Associate Registrarjudithd.barrera@tamiu.edu
Martinez, Maria F 326-2252   ZSC 121J  Coordinator of Compliancemmartinez@tamiu.edu
Prado, Rene G 326-2223   ZSC 121F  Associate Registrarrprado@tamiu.edu
Soto, Carmen G 326-2205   ZSC 121M  Student Records Coordinatorcsoto@tamiu.edu
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