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Include Engaging Discussions
Discussions ensure that your students are engaged with the course content, classmates and the
instructor. The use of discussion prompts will guide the conversation around assigned readings, case
studies and related materials for that particular module. A well-structured discussion topic will result in
greater student motivation, engagement and achievement.
Examples of Directions that Promote Engagement
Instead of:
“Post your thoughts about chapter 2.”
“In what way does the author incorporate
logos, ethos and pathos into his personal
narrative? Which rhetorical element was
strongest? How did that affect your
impression of the character’s journey?”
Or, instead of:
“Define a mathematical function.”
“What applications of mathematical
functions can you find in daily life?
Can you describe an example indicating the
properties of a certain function?
What Types of Course Technologies Can Be Implemented in My Course?
For assistance with any of the following technologies, contact Instructional Technology and Distance
Education Services.
Module Templates
There are various ways of setting up your course content. The content can be organized by weeks,
lessons, days or chapters. We have made a template available to enable the grouping of the content and
all of the instructions students will need to complete their materials. You can start the template process
by clicking on the
Add Content
link at the top of the Lessons Tab, scrolling to the bottom of the page,
and clicking on
Add From Template
Figure 10. Picture of the Add from Template link