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HIST 1302 – 180: US Since 1877
Fall 2012/ Online
S.M. Duffy
PH 444B
Email: Twitter:
Office Hours:
10:00 am – 12:20 pm & 2:00-5:00 pm MTWRF
9:00-9:30 am MTWR
Required Textbooks
Kennedy, Cohen, Piehl, The Brief American Pageant: Volume II: Since 1865 (8th Edition)/ ISBN-13: 978-1-111-34294-4
Michael P. Johnson, Reading the American Past: Volume II: From 1865 (4th Edition)/ ISBN-13: 978-0-312-45968-0
Course Description & Information
This course surveys the development of the United States since 1877. It will examine the political, social, cultural and
diplomatic events and trends affecting American society in the modern era. A further description of the course appears in
the current TAMIU catalog.
This online course is designed for disciplined, self-motivated, independent learners. The professor expects the students
to spend 7-9 hours on average each week completing the readings and assignments. Students are expected to have good
writing and basic Internet and computer skills, and have access to a fully-functional computer and Internet service. You
must back up your work and be prepared to use other computers (such as those on campus or at the public library) to
offset times when you may have computer trouble. The professor expects the students to follow the course learning units
in order, during the stated dates for each unit.
I will be available during my office hours on campus and online, although occasionally I may have to attend administrative
meetings during these periods. I will return all emails within 48 hours and all graded work within 10 days.
Students needing technical support or assistance should call the Office of Information Technology at (956) 326-2310 (7:30
am – 8:00 pm through September 6/ 7:30 am – 6:00 pm from September 7) or email them at or
Purpose of the Course
The United States has become a global hyper-power that has more cultural, economic, and military strength than any
nation in history. This course will present views on how this nation formed a society and a national outlook that
facilitated this rise to dominance. It also aims to inform students about the struggles Americans have undertaken to
achieve liberty, equality, and wealth. Those who possess an understanding of these matters will, hopefully, become more
thoughtful and responsible citizens.
NOTE: Provide students with days, times and modes of
communication so they may get in touch with you
during the duration of the course.
NOTE: Provide them with the materials or resources
that are required to be successful in this course.
NOTE: Give a brief overvi w on what the ourse is
about and how it is being livered. Also provide them
information as to who their technical support is.
NOTE: Help students understand the purpose of
this ourse so they can u erstand the main go l
of the course.
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