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Incompletes and “Extra Work”
: Students who are unable to complete a course should withdraw from the course before the final date for
withdrawal and receive a “W.” To qualify for an “incomplete” and thus have the opportunity to complete the course at
a later date, a student must meet the following criteria:
The student must have completed 90% of the course work assigned before the final date for withdrawing from a
course with a “W,” and the student must be passing the course;
The student cannot complete the course because an accident, an illness, or a traumatic personal or family event
occurred after the final date for withdrawal from a course;
The student must sign an “Incomplete Grade Contract” and secure signatures of approval from the professor and
the college dean.
The student must agree to complete the missing course work before the end of the next long semester; failure to
meet this deadline will cause the “I” to automatically be converted to a “F;” extensions to this deadline may be
granted by the dean of the college.
No student taking an “I” can achieve an “A” for the eventual course grade unless extreme circumstances apply.
Students cannot improve their grade through “extra work.” The Professor assigns grades strictly based on classroom
Technical Requirements
Students should have access to a reliable computer and Internet connection. This course operates on the ANGEL
platform that works best using Firefox. Microsoft Word documents work best when uploaded to the TurnItIn drop-
Please adhere to the following rules:
Be respectful in your posts and comments – avoid making moral or political judgments about a fellow student’s
Make your messages/ posts brief and to the point – stay on topic!
Use accurate, descriptive subject headings on your messages/ posts
Think before you post anything humorous – consider your audience and avoid sarcasm
Bring your ideas to the forum – avoid repeating what others have already said
Contrary to popular opinion the University IS part of the “real world.” The grades on your transcript and the
money you spend on tuition are “real.” Take your academic work seriously.
Plagiarism and Cheating
Plagiarism means presenting someone else’s work as your own (including cutting and pasting off the web!). Do
not do this at any point in your University career, there are severe repercussions.
Any student caught cheating through plagiarism or in any other way will receive an “F” for the course and the
professor will report this violation of the honor code.
NOTE: List all the technical requirements needed to
be successful learners in your course. Include
“Netiquette” guidelines or online manners.