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Getting Started - The Development Process
This Manual describes documentation and institutional resources available to course developers. The
Instructional Technology and Distance Education Services office, powered by the Office of Information
Technology (OIT), is responsible for providing support to faculty in all stages of the development
process: planning, designing, and delivery. It also provides technical support to faculty and students on
all questions related to TAMIU’s official Learning Management System and any other third party
instructional technology applications used to deliver online instruction. OIT is also responsible for
archiving course materials developed by faculty contracted as “work-for-hire”.
The development process of a course planned for online delivery is more rigorous than traditional face-
to-face instruction. Since there are fewer opportunities to adjust instruction and course activities based
on mutual agreement between faculty and students, an online course must be well organized from the
beginning. Student evaluation feedback has shown that a distance education course that is not aligned
or consistent causes much confusion. On the other hand, students report a high degree of satisfaction
when courses are well planned from the first day of class.
The Development Process
A course being proposed for development must meet the following criteria:
careful analysis of need is conducted by the chair of the department;
course is listed in the proposed plan for development for the academic year in which it will be
course is part of a sequence of courses in a degree program;
course follows a pattern of delivery;
course has a proven record of success based on attendance, retention rate, and evaluation
Required Documentation
Courses that meet the above criteria need to be filed with Instructional Technology and Distance
Education Services at least six months before the semester in which the course is scheduled to be taught
(i.e., January for August delivery).
A completed Statement of Intent and Purpose (
Appendix A
) must be submitted to the Office of the
Provost for approval.
After the Provost has approved the course for development, an Online Course Procedures and
Agreement form (
Appendix B
) and a Service Contract Agreement Form (
Appendix C
) must be submitted
to Instructional Technology and Distance Education Services located in Killam Library (KL) 259. Please contact
our office at (956) 3
if you need assistance completing any of these forms.