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Students who are unable to complete a course should withdraw from the course before the final date for withdrawal
and receive a “W.” To qualify for an “incomplete” and thus have the opportunity to complete the course at a later date,
a student must meet the following criteria:
The student must have completed 90% of the course work assigned before the final date for withdrawing from a
course with a “W,” and the student must be passing the course;
The student cannot complete the course because an accident, an illness, or a traumatic personal or family event
occurred after the final date for withdrawal from a course;
The student must sign an “Incomplete Grade Contract” and secure signatures of approval from the professor and
the college dean.
The student must agree to complete the missing course work before the end of the next long semester; failure to
meet this deadline will cause the “I” to automatically be converted to a “F;” extensions to this deadline may be
granted by the dean of the college.
This is the general policy regarding the circumstances under which an “incomplete” may be granted, but under
exceptional circumstances, a student may receive an incomplete who does not meet all of the criteria above if the
faculty member, department chair, and dean recommend it.
Student Responsibility for Dropping a Course
It is the responsibility of the STUDENT to drop the course before the final date for withdrawal from a course. Faculty
members, in fact, may not drop a student from a course without getting the approval of their department chair and
Independent Study Course
Independent Study (IS) courses are offered only under exceptional circumstances. Required courses intended to build
academic skills may not be taken as IS (e.g., clinical supervision and internships). No student will take more than one IS
course per semester. Moreover, IS courses are limited to seniors and graduate students. Summer IS course must
continue through both summer sessions.
Grade Changes & Appeals
Faculty are authorized to change final grades only when they have committed a computational error or an error in
recording a grade, and they must receive the approval of their department chairs and the dean to change the grade. As
part of that approval, they must attach a detailed explanation of the reason for the mistake. Only in rare cases would
another reason be entertained as legitimate for a grade change. A student who is unhappy with his or her grade on an
assignment must discuss the situation with the faculty member teaching the course. If students believe that they have
been graded unfairly, they have the right to appeal the grade using a grade appeal process in the Student Handbook and
the Faculty Handbook.
Final Examination
Final Examination must be comprehensive and must contain a written component. The written component should
comprise at least 20% of the final exam grade. Exceptions to this policy must receive the approval of the department
chair and the dean at the beginning of the semester.