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Schedule a Video Conference | About TTVN | TTVN FAQs

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Here you will find the most common of your questions answered:

1. Who can use TTVN for Videoconferences?

Any Faculty, staff, or administrator of a TTVN member location for classes, continuing education, or meetings that relate to the mission of TTVN.

2. What is the mission of TTVN?

The mission of TTVN can be found in the information section.

3. I am with a company and would like to use TTVN for a meeting for my business. May i do this?

The answer is no. The TTVN was created to serve the needs of it's members only. TTVN will not sell time on the network.

4. How can I join TTVN?

Please visit the "Become a Member" section of this web page.

5. How do I schedule a TTVN conference?

To schedule a conference you should first contact each site that you would like to use and reserve that site. After all sites are reserved you should contact the coordinator at the originating location and provide then with the following information:

  • Name of conference requester
  • Phone Number of requester
  • Date of conference
  • Start and end time of conference
  • All sites involved in the conference and their three letter site code
  • Brief description of meeting

The originating site coordinator will work with the TTVN Scheduling office to reserve the network. There is a list of sites and coordinators in the "Sites and Contacts section"

6. How do I schedule a telecourse?

Please visit the "scheduling" section of this web page to learn how to schedule a telecourse.

7. How do I schedule a dial-up connection/telecourse?

Please visit the "dial-up" section of this web page to learn how to schedule a telecourse.

8. Are there charges to use TTVN?

There are no charges to the user for connections within the existing TTVN locations. Connections to sites outside of the network, satellite uplinks or downlinks, or other additional services may incur charges. Contact the TTVN scheduling office if you have questions about connection charges for a specific meeting.

9. Is training available for TTVN users?

TTVN provides some training for TTVN users. (see training section) They can also provide you with information about other training organizations upon request.

10. How can I get help if there is a technical problem during a conference?

TTVN operates a help line for network users which is manned during all video connections. You can contact the help line by dialing 2310 from a TTVN phone in a video room or by dialing (979) 862-2241 from any other phone.

11. How much notice should be given to TTVN to schedule a conference?

The TTVN scheduling office requests 48 working hours notice for conference requests. If you are unable to provide this much notice please contact the scheduling office to determine network availability at the requested time.

12. Can I videotape classes or meetings that I participate in on TTVN?

You can, but you should obtain permission of all attendees before taping any video connection.

For assistance, please contact us at elearning@tamiu.edu or by phone at 956-326-2310.