1st year learning outcomes



Student Learning Outcomes for First-Year Students

After the first year, they will

  • be able to use the environment and resources of the university to support their academic and personal growth (Understanding Society and Culture).
  • increase their self knowledge through reflective activities in order to clarify or refine their personal values and life goals (Values and Ethics).
  • improve specific attitudes and behaviors that lead to academic success through their freshman seminar and learning community experience (Integration and Application of Knowledge).
  • improve their ability to communicate ideas in speaking and writing through clear, coherent, appropriately organized prose that fits the intended audience, occasion, and purpose (Receptive and Expressive Communication Skills).
  • improve their research and information literacy skills through library instruction and academic assignments (Receptive and Expressive Communication Skills)
  • improve their critical thinking skills through academic reading and writing  (Critical Thinking).
  • explore and communicate an understanding of the interdependence of global, national, state, and local issues through academic and social opportunities for oral and written expression (Understanding Society and Culture ).*
  • recognize and understand the contributions of individuals from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds through academic and student life experiences (Understanding Society and Culture).

TAMIU has committed to internationalizing its curriculum.