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As its name implies, Texas A&M International University is an international university, poised at the Gateway to Mexico and serving as the intellectual center of a vibrant bilingual and bicultural community. TAMIU’s campus represents more than $170 million investment in new facilities. You will take courses on the first new campus in Texas in over 20 years. You will study in our new state-of-the-art classrooms and facilities, especially the ultra modern Student Center and Performing Arts Buildings which provide you with a congenial environment to develop fully as a skilled and conscientious professional. Our classrooms and facilities incorporate the latest trends in the evolving internet and information exchange. On-campus housing facilities are also wired for high-speed free internet.

Ten computer labs help assure that you will work in an environment where the student-to-computer ratio of 10 to 1. You can also work in our modern media center to make multi-media and audio-video presentations while the University’s Computer and Telecommunications Services (CTS) department offers you extensive technology training. Or you can study in the Sue and Radcliffe Killam Library which is the cornerstone of on-campus support centers and recently completed a $4.5 million ddition to its collection [Campus Map]

Texas Regional Map Laredo, Texas is located on the banks of the historical Rio Grande River in the southern part of Texas. Laredo is the main U.S. port of entry into Mexico, connecting Interstate Highway-35 with the Pan American Highway that stretches into Central and South America. Laredo is considered the fastest growing city in the Texas, with over 1 million square feet of new warehouse space built every month within the city limits.[Local Map]


Laredo has an abundance of sunshine with an annual average of 320 sunny days, mild winters, and high summer temperatures with low humidity. Average monthly maximum temperatures range from 69 degrees (F) in January to 100 degrees in August. Normal rainfall is 20 inches, the prevailing winds is from the southeast at an average speed of 12.6 miles per hour.

Spring temperatures for the City of Laredo average at 89ºF maximum and 54ºF minimum; Summer temperatures average at 98ºF maximum and 73ºF minimum; Fall temperatures average at 95ºF maximum and 70ºF minimum; Winter temperatures average 71ºF maximum and 46ºF minimum. On average, there are 179 days out of the year that exceed 90ºF weather and 14 days that fall below 32ºF. The average annual precipitation is 19 inches, and the annual average humidity is 62%.

Local Forecast

Population: City Population.: 188,000 (approx.) 1990 Census Bureau Median Age: Male: 25.2 Female: 28.5 Ethnic Groups: Hispanic-94% Non-Hispanic-6%


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