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Roberto R. Heredia

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Roberto R. Heredia

Methods in Bilingual Reading Comprehension Research

Methods in Bilingual Reading Comprehension Research. Roberto Heredia, Jeanette Altarriba and Anna B. Cieslicka, editors. New York : Springer, 2016

Bilingual figurative language processing

Bilingual figurative language processing. Roberto R Heredia; Anna B Cieslicka, editors. New York, NY : Cambridge University Press 2015

Foundations of bilingual memory .

Foundations of bilingual memory. Roberto R. Heredia, Jeanette Altarriba; editors Springer, 2014

An introduction to bilingualism .

An introduction to bilingualism : principles and processes; Jeanette Altarriba, Roberto R. Heredia; Publication: New York : Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2008

Bilingual sentence processing

Bilingual sentence processing. Amsterdam: North-Holland/Elsevier. Altarriba, J., & Heredia, R. R. (2008). Heredia, R. R., & Altarriba, J. 2002

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