"Orientation Leaders Reunion" at A&M International January 6

Texas A&M International University's former and current Orientation Leaders will gather at the University's Great Room Saturday, January 6, at 7 p.m., for a reunion.

Themed "Reflections," the event will enable the University's past and present Orientation Leaders to come together and dialog about their experiences.

Gabriela Mendoza-Garcia, Associate Director of Student Development at A&M International, said Orientation Leaders help new students make the transition into life at Texas' newest four-year University.

"The first semester at a University can be daunting, so an entertaining, informative Orientation program was developed to help new students make a smooth transition into University life. This new student Orientation includes extensive involvement by University faculty, staff, and administrators, but the program itself is conducted by carefully selected student leaders who understand what it is like to be a new student," explained Mendoza-Garcia.

She noted that through the years, Orientation Leaders have helped hundreds of new students.

"Our new student Orientation has been very successful because participants understand that they are hearing from individuals who know what it's like, who 'have walked in their shoes.' By seeing the University through their peers' eyes, new students can more rapidly get a handle on how they can succeed in their effort to secure a four-year University education," she said.

The evening event will include a dinner, a presentation of photographs complied from each Orientation, a fashion show featuring the five different Orientation Leader uniforms from 1995 to 2000, and a dance. About 80 participants are expected to take part in the event.

Among the University administrations who are scheduled to speak at the dinner are Dr. Ray M. Keck III, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs; Mary T. Treviņo, Associate Vice President for Student Services; Betty L. Momayezi, Executive Director of Student Life, David VerMilyea, Director of Student Development, and Lisa Morales, Director of Development.

Mendoza-Garcia noted that much of the reunion event has been designed by this year's Orientation Leaders.

"This is an impressive opportunity for our former Orientation Leaders to visit the campus and see how the Orientation program and the University have grown and changed. Our current Orientation Leaders have worked diligently in preparing an engaging and entertaining program, which we feel will be much appreciated by our guests and participants," said Mendoza-Garcia.

For additional information, please contact Mendoza-Garcia at 326-2280.

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