TAMIU Psychology Students Give To Sacred Heart Children

Graduate students enrolled in select Psychology courses at Texas A&M International University organized a Clothing Drive and Money Tree this Christmas to benefit the Sacred Heart Children's Home.

TAMIU students enrolled in Counseling Internship (PSYC 5352) and Counseling Practicum (PSYC 5350) organized the Drive in appreciation of the contributions which Sacred Heart has made to the University's Psychology Program, said TAMIU Associate Professor of Psychology Dr. Todd Russell.

Sacred Heart is one of several community agencies and schools which serve as practicum sites for TAMIU's Psychology internship program, a program designed to help the community while providing TAMIU students with experience in their field of study.

Each semester, Psychology interns make a significant donation to one of the participating agencies.

"This is our way to say thank you to the community agencies which work with our counseling graduate students," said Dr. Russell.

Students enrolled in the Counseling Internship who participated in counseling projects at local schools and community agencies include Cynthia L. Rodriguez, Mary Sue Blackhurst, Gabriela Perez, Magda N. Neri, Aliza Oliveros, Luis E. Flores, Jesus O. Flores, and Manuel G. Sanchez.

Participants from the Counseling Practicum course include Thelma J. Martinez, Melissa Chapa, Elda Rangel, Yvonne O. Gonzalez, Ana Laura Castillo, Ma. Esther Soto, Imelda C. Martinez, Patricia A. Galvan, Zulema R. Mata, Margaret Paz, Amanda Bean, Luz Edith Serna, Patty Garcia, Diana Resendez, Patty E. Albidrez, Myrna Lizette G. Canales, Suzan S. Garza, Eva M. Dominguez, Adriana C. Pelayo, and Jim Jessup.

The counseling intern at Sacred Heart worked with children on a one-to-one and small group basis. Many of the children who were targeted for counseling had problems with low self-esteem, adjustment, and anxiety. The environment at the Children's Home provides the ideal stability that the children need.

"The loving, supporting environment that the Sisters provide at Sacred Heart is the type of environment that children need to flourish and reach their potential," said Dr. Russell. During the Spring semester, the Counseling practicum and intern students under Dr. Russell's supervision will continue to work with a variety of community agencies and schools.

For additional information on the Psychology program at TAMIU, contact the University's Department of Psychology and Sociology at 326-2475 or visit offices in the Sue and Radcliffe Killam Library-Administration Building Room 426 West.

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17 January 1996