Possession of Firearm On TAMIU Premises Prohibited

Possession of firearms and other weapons on Texas A&M International University premises or at any University sponsored activity is prohibited and constitutes a misdemeanor carrying both a fine and jail time, announced TAMIU Chief of Police Harry W. Stege.

In addition, it is a violation of TAMIU regulations and could lead to University disciplinary action, said Stege.

Although the new concealed weapons statute which went into effect January 1 permits license holders to carry concealed weapons, other statutes and regulations prohibit possession of firearms on Texas A&M International University premises, or at any activity sponsored by TAMIU.

Under these laws and regulations, the only persons who may carry or possess firearms on University premises or at University activities are peace officers, members of the armed forces or guards employed by a penal institution, or an officer of the court, who are engaged in the actual performance of their official duties.

Permission to possess firearms and other weapons on University premises or at University events may be granted to qualified individuals who request permission from the University Police Department.

For more information on the University's firearm possession policy, please contact the TAMIU University Police Department at 326-2100 or visit offices in the Sue and Radcliffe Killam Library-Administration Building Room 002, Lower Level.

3 January 1996