University Professor Presents Paper at National Meeting

Texas A&M International University Assistant Professor of Sociology Dr. Marjorie L. Coppock presented a paper at the 59th Annual Meeting of the Rural Sociological Society held in Des Moines, Iowa recently.

The paper, Educational Expansion on the Border: Resources for Regional and International Development, examined the social impact A&M International growing faculty have had and will have on the community. The number of faculty doubled from 60 to over 120 as the University changed from a lower-level institution to a four-year University.

Data gathered last Fall by undergraduate Sociology students enrolled in a course taught by Coppock showed A&M International's diverse faculty received academic degrees in 11 countries and 30 US states. An examination of teaching, research, and community service interests showed faculty had a variety of educational interests and concerns for social issues such as literacy, health, family development, the environment, economic development, international trade, and crime along the border.

For more information on Dr. Coppock's paper, please contact the University's Office of Public Affairs at 326-2180.

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