New Courses This Spring at A&M International

New courses being offered this Spring at Texas A&M International University bring a wide variety of course options.

Registration for the Spring Semester is Jan. 10-11. Classes begin Jan. 12.

Courses and descriptions follow.

ANTH 3304: Language, Culture & Oral Tradition. Overview of the nature of language and a non-technical introduction to linguistic science.

COMM 3321: Organizational Communication. Overview of research and theory in organizational communication.

COMM 4330: Special Issues in Communication-Photojournalism. Examines a timely topic or concern in organizational or mass communication. Prerequisites: COMM 3000, 3310, 3320, or 3325 or consent of instructor.

COMM 4340: Communications Ethics. Study of how ethical judgements are made about communication practices.

CRIJ 4330: International Terrorism. Examination of patterns of behavioral incidence and geography of terrorist crimes. Prerequisite for CRIJ majors: Successful completion of the lower-level CRIJ courses (or equivalent courses) required for the CRIJ major. Prerequisite for non-CRIJ majors: 12 hours of social sciences outside of CRIJ. May be taken for graduate credit.

ENGL 4328: The Seventeenth Century. Period course in British poetry and prose of the 17th century. Prerequisite: Six hours sophomore literature or consent of instructor. May be taken for graduate credit.

ENGL 4333: The Gilded Age. A study of American literature from the Civil War to the beginning of World War I. Prerequisite: Six hours sophomore literature or consent of instructor. May be taken for graduate credit.

ENGL 4390: Issues in the Teaching of English EXCET Capstone. A course for those planning to teach English in the secondary school. A comprehensive review of the materials a secondary English teacher must master. Required for secondary certification. Prerequisite: Six hours sophomore literature or consent of instructor.

GEOG 3353: Political Geography. The study of the spatial or geographic expression of political phenomena.

MUSI 1217: Aural Training II. A continuation of aural training through sight-singing, dictation, and keyboard exercises reinforcing theoretical concepts learned in MUSI 1212. Prerequisite(s): MUSI 1211 and 1216 or consent of instructor; current enrollment in/or completion of MUSI 1212.

PADM 5344: Communication for Public Administration. The study of communication challenges and strategies for public administrations.

PADM 5378: Human Resources Management in Public Administration. Principles and practices of personnel administration in public bureaucracies.

PADM 5380: Principles and Politics of Public Budgeting. Methods of allocating financial resources in public bureaucracies.

PSYC 3315: Psychology of Aging. Examines major theories of adult development. Prerequisite: PSYC 1301.

SPAN 4398: Creative Writing. Conducted in Spanish, this course provides exposure to concepts of creative writing. Prerequisite: Six hours or Spanish at the 3000 or 4000 level or consent of instructor.

SPAN 5332: Seminar in Spanish American Women Writers. Study of Spanish American Women Writers and their unique perspective and understanding of their culture and times.

SPAN 5338: The Essay in Latin America. Beginning with Domingo Faustino Sarmiento and including the work and thoughts of Rodó, Montalvo, Andrés Bello, Henríquez Ureña, Antonio Caso, Vasconcelos, Alfonso Reyes, and Jorge Luis Borges.

SPAN 5340: Seminar in Mexican Literature. A seminar of diverse topics, including the literature of the Revolution, the novel, poetry, and short story.

FIN 4390: Strategic Financial Management. An applied course on the use of financial tools for business financial decision-making and strategy formulation. Prerequisite: Must be a finance major. FIN 4390 is to be taken final semester before graduation.

BIOL 2415: Microbiology for Allied Health. Clinically oriented overview of basic medical microbiology. Prerequisite: Consult School of Nursing. Carries no credit for biology majors. Lecture/laboratory fee: $15.

MATH 4360: General Topology. Basic concepts of point-set topology including connectedness, compactness, etc., and metric spaces. Prerequisite: MATH 4335 or permission of instructor. May be taken for graduate credit.

EDRD 2300: Introduction to Literacy. This course focuses on balanced reading instruction approach by incorporating a variety of research-based principles and practices for teaching phonics, vocabulary, and comprehension to develop literacy.

For more information, please contact the respective College offering the course or call the Office of Admissions at 326.2442.

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