Concurrent, Dual Enrollment Help HS Students Get Ahead at TAMIU

High school upperclassmen wanting a head start on their higher education can do so this Spring at Texas A&M International University through TAMIU's Concurrent Admission Program.

Under the program, high school juniors and seniors have the opportunity to gain credit for University-level classes early while completing high school requirements.

Gina Gonzalez, associate director of admissions, said starting University courses early has distinct advantages.

"By participating in this program, students can fulfill high school credits with University level courses and at the same time, satisfy their requirements for the Distinguished Achievement Program," she said, "Students can also get a head start on their degree, gain college credit while still in high school and defray the cost of tuition and fees by applying for the Concurrent Admission Scholarship."

Another interesting opportunity available to high school students is dual credit programs. One field that has proven especially popular is criminal justice. The University has developed agreements with local districts to speed student access to the program, Gonzalez explained.

"The University has an agreement with both Laredo Independent School District and United Independent School District that makes it possible for students to be granted University credit by articulation of University-level courses offered on LISD and UISD campuses. In essence, they take courses at the high school level and because of the agreement with the University, can earn college credit at the University," she explained.

Dr. Nasser Momayezi, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, said the agreements sets a strong foundation for student higher education and career opportunities.

"Our Criminal Justice program here at the University is our most popular degree program. Students graduating have a diverse array of job opportunities at local, regional, national and international levels. These programs will help high school students to speed their access to important educational and career direction," Dr. Momayezi said.

Through the agreements, students take four, one-hour classes. Successful completion of the courses results in the articulated courses being held as "credit-in-escrow" for TAMIU credit.

Gonzalez explained that Concurrent Admission Scholarships can also help cover course costs.

Overall, she said that concurrent enrollment and dual credit programs such as the criminal justice agreements at local high schools can provide students with remarkable opportunities.

"This is a wonderful chance to get a head start in higher education and we encourage students to avail themselves of this remarkable opportunity available to them at their hometown University," she concluded.

University offices will reopen for Spring 2004 Registration at 8 a.m. Monday, Jan. 5. Registration may be accomplished throughout these days and prior to General Registration on Friday, Jan. 16. Classes begin Tuesday, Jan. 20. Registration information is available by calling the Office of the Registrar at 326.2250.

For further information, please contact Gonzalez at 326-2206, e-mail, or visit offices located in the Sue and Radcliffe Killam Library, room 155.

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