Ford Motor Company Provides Scholarships for A&M International

Texas A&M International University students, including Jeffrey Huvar, a sophomore biology major at Texas A&M International University, are benefitting from expanded support provided by a University corporate partner.

Ford Motor Company has announced an additional gift of $25,000 for its Ford Motor Company Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship in Science and Mathematics at A&M International. Since 1998, Ford has provided $75,000 in scholarship support.

A&M International President Dr. Charles Jennett said the Ford Scholarship will especially encourage Hispanic students to pursue a career in some of the most promising fields of the millennium and beyond.

"Science and mathematics have always constituted the backbone of our pioneer society, and will continue to do so as the millennium unfolds, leading to new research and important discoveries. Students at A&M International have a strong partner in Ford Motor Company, an organization that understands that investing in our youth today means reaping the fruits of success tomorrow," Jennett said.

Jennett said A&M International is grateful to Ford Motor Company for its continued and expanded support and encouraged other corporate sponsors to join the University in its efforts to better serve students.

Aldo Ochoa, Ford Motor Company plant manager, said the company is proud to partner with A&M International to help nurture students' educational needs.

"We are excited to be a part of A&M International's ever-changing life and want to make sure that we help its students accomplish their educational goals so that they can in turn become successful citizens and leaders for our community," Ochoa said.

The Scholarship will be awarded to an A&M International undergraduate student majoring in science or math and holding a GPA of 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale. The Scholarship is renewable provided that the recipient continues to meet the established criteria.

Scholarship awards will be made by the College of Science and Technology in consultation with the Texas A&M International University Scholarship Committee.

For further information, please contact Lisa Morales, director of development, at 326-2175 or the Office of Financial Aid at 326-2225.

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