Student Systems Group Publishes Electronic Newsletter

The next time you navigate cyberspace, try visiting and you will find tightly-packaged news briefs designed to keep you abreast of the latest buzz in the fast-pased world of technology.

The link, part of Texas A&M International University's web page, will take visitors directly to The Informant, an electronic newsletter designed by A&M International's information systems students to deliver information on current issues in the information technology field.

Besides equipping the technology savvy with useful tips and tricks as well as solutions to technical problems, The Informant also features articles geared at providing readers useful and applicable knowledge in the information technology field.

Information on computer hardware and software, new processors, emerging technologies and reviews of available technology are examples of topics readers can expect to find in the publication, said Josuee Lope, a senior computer information systems major and editor-in-chief of The Informant.

The publication, prepared by Lope and another student, Kourosh Khosraviyani, at their respective homes, is a product of the campus Student Systems Group and tries to include cutting-edge information that is not readily available, Lope said.

"We don't want to repeat what you'll see on the news because we don't want to be redundant," Lope said. "Our most difficult problem is to try to find new information. Everywhere we go, everyone is talking about the same thing. Our job is to filter through it all and find a gem, something that will impact us all as a society."

In keeping with its content, the newsletter is only published and distributed electronically, Lope said, adding that this mode of distribution also helps cut traditional costs associated with publishing such as printing, assembly and distribution labor.

Dr. Stephen Lunce, associate professor of information systems and faculty advisor of the Student Systems Group, said the newsletter represents the information systems students' commitment to their profession.

"As information technology professionals, part of our job is to share new information. Our student group decided that one way to do this is through an electronic newsletter," Lunce said.

A&M International's Student Systems Group belongs to the San Antonio chapter of the Association of Information Technology Professionals and the organization charges the student group with the responsibility of keeping technology users informed, Lunce said.

"Some of the technical articles will have a limited appeal but some of the other articles on topics such as the Y2K and computer viruses should be of interest to all readers and be shared," Lunce said.

Lope said A&M International's commitment to technology has helped the newsletter.

"The advantage we have is that A&M International gives this newsletter a medium of distribution," Lope said.

Lunce said he expects to see more student projects such as The Informant surface on campus in the near future.

"As our university grows, we will see more and more student initiatives that push the envelopes of knowledge and that's what a university is supposed to be. I'm proud of my students," Lunce said.

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