Medieval Performance Troupe from Spain Scheduled April 8 at A&M International

The little-seen performance artistry of the Spanish medieval period will come to life at Texas A&M International University for a Thursday, April 5th presentation at 6:30 p.m. at the Sue and Radcliffe Killam Library's Great Room.

"Crisol: The Troubadours from Spain" is a traveling group dedicated to the presentation of Spanish medieval arts forms. Their performance will offer highlights of the remarkable range and impact of art forms of the Spanish Medieval Period that should delight audiences of all ages. Included will be music on period instrumentation offered troubadour-style.

The event is free of charge and open to the public.

In addition to their performance, the five-member troupe will visit with University music students and faculty members earlier in the day, offering master classes and lectures. Their presentation at A&M International is sponsored in part by the Texaco Foundation.

Organizer Dr. Bill Nichols, A&M International assistant professor of Spanish, said Crisol's goal is to preserve the rich cultural treasures of the Spanish Medieval Period and share them with audiences of all ages.

"The exhilarating mix of Moors, Jews, and Christians in the Iberian Peninsula during the 8th through 14th centuries produced an enormous and eclectic field of music which spread across the Iberian kingdoms by the art of the troubadours. This troubadour movement had a marked influence on the development of world history, he explained, "Crisol, inspired by the spirits of the first troubadours, now shares this period gift in special lectures and performances across the country and around the world."

Originally from Barcelona, Spain, Crisol initiated considerable research on the medieval spirit there and after meticulous work developed a repertoire of melodies which captured the indescribable flavor of medieval Iberia.

Considered heirs of the troubadour legacy, Crisol moves beyond time with an "Ars Magna" which they effectively transform into sentiments and vibrations that people can feel. They combine traditional and modern instruments, transmitting an age-old spirit with modern features.

Dr. Nichols explained that the music of Crisol, born in the troubadour lyric, presents itself in modern times adorned with new forms without straying from its essence.

"Their music is a magical alchemy, making old sounds accessible to all audiences," he said.

Crisol is a non-profit organization, and has been based in New Mexico since 1995, dedicated solely to cultural and educational purposes. They have appeared to enthusiastic audiences throughout the United States, Europe, Central America, China and Japan.

From their headquarters in Chimayo, New Mexico, the company tours the U.S. to reach audiences of all ages in schools, theaters, universities, museums, community centers and churches.

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