A&M International Faculty Excel at Recent Conference In Houston

A group of 14 Texas A&M International University College of Business Administration faculty members and staff recently attended the Southwest Federation of Administrative Disciplines' (SWFAD) sixth annual meeting in Houston as key players in the leadership of the conference and research presenters.

Dr. Stephen Lunce, associate professor of information systems, served as president-elect of the Southwest Region of the Decision Sciences Institute. He also served as a member of the SWFAD Board of Directors. Dr. Michael Landeck, professor of marketing and department chair, served as the chair of the U.S. Southwest chapter of the Academy of International Business. Meanwhile, Dr. Mazhar Islam, associate professor of economics, served as program co-chair for the Southwest Academy of International Business.

Two faculty members served as track chairs for the conference. Dr. Kamal Fatehi, associate professor of management and interim dean, chaired an international management track, and Dr. Stephanie A.M. Smith, associate professor of finance, chaired an accounting/economics and finance track.

Also, five faculty members chaired six research paper presentation sessions. The session chairs and their sessions included: Dr. Martin Broin, assistant professor of production and operations management, (international management); Dr. Ananda Mukherji, assistant professor of management, (international management); Dr. Leland Jordan, associate professor of accountancy, (accounting information systems); Lunce (evolving spectrum of DSS and management information systems research); and Dr. Henry C. Smith III, associate professor of accountancy, (issues in finance).

The research papers were presented by nine faculty members. Most of the papers were published and were peer-reviewed prior to acceptance for publication and presentation.

The presented papers and their authors were the following: "Rethinking International Logistics Management: Searching for a Core Identity," Dr. Pedro S. Hurtado, associate professor of management; "Exploratory Research on the Implications of the Theory of Autopoiesis in International Consumer Behavior," Hurtado and Landeck; "Acquisition of Prescriptive Medication Across the Texas-Mexico Border in the Port of Laredo: An Exploratory International Trade perspective," Dr. Cecilia Garza, assistant professor of sociology and Landeck; "An Analysis of Business Students' Performance in Managerial Accounting at the Undergraduate level," Dr. Henry Smith; "Distance Education: Program Development Issues," Barbara Lunce, university registrar, and Lunce; "The Explanation of Emergent Competitive Strategies Using Autopoietic Theory," Hurtado; and "A Model for Contingency Planning," Lunce.

Islam, Lunce and Dr. Antonio Rodriguez, associate professor of economics and finance, served as discussants of research presented during the conference. Rodriguez discussed a paper entitled "Matching Buyer Preference with Candidate Properties using the Taguchi Loss Function," while Lunce discussed "A Citation Analysis of MISQuarterly: Implications for Authors." Islam discussed "Effects of Bid-Ask Spreads on Return Reversals." Dr. Stephen McNett, associate professor of accountancy and chair of the Accounting and Information Systems Department, also attended the conference.

Dr. Lunce was confirmed as president of the Southwest Region of the Decision Sciences Institute and as a member of the SWFAD Board of Directors. Dr. Stephanie Smith was elected to the Advisory Council of the Southwest Region of the Decision Sciences Institute.

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