A&M International Offers On-Line Service for Working Journalists

Working journalists interested in accessing the rich information resources of Texas A&M International University are now only a keystroke away from the University's faculty and administrative expertise.

Capitalizing on its high-tech environment, the University's Office of Public Affairs and Information Services has launched an on-line service for working journalists from the University's Home Page.

"We are blessed to have a campus that has embraced the latest in electronic communications technologies. This service for journalists will allow them to register on-line, specify the nature of their information request and their deadline for response in an interactive set of screens,"said Steve Harmon, Director of A&M International's Office of Public Affairs and Information Services.

Journalists have only to access the University's Home Page at http://www.tamiu.edu, click on University News and Information and select the "services for journalists"link to begin the process, Harmon explained.

Harmon said electronic access via email and Internet is fast developing as a preferred method for many members of the media to retrieve needed information and reach reliable information sources.

"The university is a universe of story possibilities for a working journalist. For examply, we have faculty that have developed expertise in a number of fields that can respond to breaking or developing news with focused commentary. Likewise, our adminstrators can respond to trend stories on higher education and the unique experiences of Texas' newest four-year University,"he said.

Harmon noted that the Online Journalist Service complements the University's participation in ProfNet, an Internet subscriber group of University news and information officers that accepts queries from media all around the world for possible response from member faculties.

"Given the explosion in online access, we believe it's a good time for the University to be initiating this service. We will refine it to meet the user needs as they develop,"he said.

While the Online Journalist Service is only available to working journalists, Harmon said the community at large can access the University's News and Information office via the Home Page as well.

"Anyone visiting the Home Page can access the University News and Information section from the Main Page. This will offer a link to current news from the University, a full archive of previous news releases and links to academic and activity calendars, all a click away,"he said.

Other resources available online include the University's faculty, information on enrollment, financial aid, semester schedules and access to specific research areas within the University's four Colleges, he said.

Harmon said the University's Home Page averages over 1200 "hits"or contacts a day, with access coming from all around the world. The University's WWW presence has been online for over 2 years.

For additional information on the University's Online Journalists Service, please contact the Office of Public Affairs and Information Services at 210.326.2180 or via email at pais@tamiu.edu.

A&M International office hours are from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - Friday.

Journalists who need additional information or help with media requests and interviews should contact the Office of Public Affairs and Information Services at pais@tamiu.edu