Students Honored with Excellence Award from State Board of Ed at TAMIU

The State Board of Education and Texas A&M International University honored over 80 students from the Laredo region for their outstanding academic achievement as part of the "Celebrations of Educational Excellence" awards program held at the University recently.

The students were among a select group of 3,100 high school students honored at 18 colleges and universities across the state. The group includes National Merit Scholars, prospective valedictorians, Academic Decathlon winners, those who have made perfect scores on the Texas Assessment of Academic Skills (TAAS) exam and other 9th-12th graders who have achieved academic recognition.

Jack Christie, a Houston chiropractic physician who serves as chairman of the State Board of Education, said the group is delighted to recognize the students.

"These are the academic stars who are setting the pace in their high schools, each is an example of the success being achieved in Texas public schools," Dr. Christie said.

A&M International University president Dr. J. Charles Jennett said the University is honored to have hosted the breakfast and program for the students.

"We are honored to be able to provide an appropriate forum to showcase these remarkable students and their accomplishments. We know that this is just the start of a brilliant education for them and future careers that will enrich the entire state of Texas and beyond," said Dr. Jennett.

The morning program included presentation of certificates, videotaped messages from Gov. George W. Bush and Commissioner of Education Mike Moses and comments from University officials and special guests. The students also had an opportunity to tour the University's phase I and recently dedicated phase II and attend a brief information session on programs and offerings at Texas A&M International University.

Attending the ceremony were Graciela Ramirez, Laredo Independent School District and Severita Sanchez, United Independent School District. University officials included president Jennett and Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Larry Boyd.

Districts and the respective students honored included:

Eagle Pass Independent School District

Being honored for academic excellence are Maria I. Flores, Monica Arellano, Deania Fernandez, Xavier Morales, Monica Garcia, Brenda Farias, Amber Abascal, Yasushi Yamazaki, Roxana San Miguel and Mayela Salinas.

United Independent School District

United South High School - Noe Martinez, mathematics; Leslie Rodriguez, mathematics; Diego Campos, mathematics; Norma Arce, language arts; Mabel Aguilar, social xtudies; Ricardo Ramon, science; Rosie Villarreal, language arts; Jessica Serratos, science; Leticia Vasquez, mathematics and Gerardo Zambrano, mathematics.

United High School - Eduardo E. Elizondo, Academic Decathalon; Christian D. Garcia, National Hispanic Scholar Finalist; Robert Koval, commended National Merit Scholar; David Vidal, UIL State Qualifier Debate; Priscilla Camacho, TAAS Academic Recognition; Eric P. Mum, 1996 PSAT, Perfect Math Score; Humberto Gonzalez, top 9th grade student; Haruna Kato, top 10the grade student; Courtney Kriewald, top 11th grade student and Anthony Martinez, top 12th grade student.

John B. Alexander- Mallika Anand, science; Kassie A. Rangel, mathematics; Claudia Y. Santos, mathematics; Teresita Lezama, mathematics; Elissa N. Kolodziej, language arts; Graciela Cabriales, mathematics; Mirna Vergara, language arts; Ediza Garcia, social studies; Virginia L. Hathorn, science and Melissa A. Hernandez, language arts.

Laredo Independent School District

Cigarroa High School - Hilda Estrada, UIL Academics; Pedro Garcia, UIL Aademics, Aracely Gonzalez, UIL Academics; Marcelo Hinojosa, UIL Academics; Ricardo Mejia, highest scholastic achievement; Cristina Perez, highest scholastic achievement; Juan Ramos, UIL academics; Pedro Sanchez, highest scholastic achievement; Jorge A. Trevino, UIL Academics and Rolando Vela, UIL Academics.

VMT Magent School - Martha Lisa Garcia, high academic achievement; Lyza Samantha Gonzalez, high academic achievement; Ma. Concepcion Hernandez, high academic achievement; Daniel Levant, high academic achievement; Carlos Andrea Medina, high academic achievement; Miriam Mendoza, high academic achievement; Eva Ramirez, high academic achievement; Norma Alicia Rangel, high academic achievement; John Eric Rodriguez, high academic achievement and Maria Cristina Zamarripa, high academic achievement.

Martin High School - Celia Macias, UIL Academics; Cindy Monsivais, UIL Academics; Angie Cisneros, UIL Academics; Didey Muniz, UIL Academics; Angie Lopez, UIL academics; Juan Zavala, UIL Academics; Celina Alvarado, UIL Academics; Maribel Pineda, UIL Academics; Jamie Garcia, UIL Academics and Sophia Hacker, UIL Academics.

Nixon High School - Marco Riojas, PSAT Seminfinalist; Lorena Leal, TAAS Academic Recognition; Melissa Rodriguez, High Honors graduate candidate; Linda Garza, TAAS Academic Recognition; Ramon Pulido, Science Fair; Julio Reyes, TAAS Academic Recognition; Armando Gonzalez III, TAAS Academic Recognition; Clarissa Rangel, Scholastic Achievement Award; Eduardo Ramirez, TAAS Academic Recognition and Daniela Ochoa, TAAS Academic Recognition. For more information, contact the Office of Public Affairs and Information Services at 326 - 2180.

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