International Student Finds New Life at A&M International

Yingping Weng was a physician in charge of internal medicine at a hospital in China before she moved to the United States three years ago.

This month, however, Weng is graduating from Texas A&M International University with a master's degree in computer information systems.

Although Weng has made a complete transition in her career, she said she is satisfied with her decision.

Weng, one of 200 A&M International candidates for graduate and undergraduate degrees for the Spring 2000 Commencement, said she decided to switch careers because she found the information systems field fascinating and having a potential for application in clinical medicine.

"I always want to try new things," said Weng, with a smile, "Changing careers was challenging, but I knew that if I wanted to accomplish something, I could do it."

She is also a certified acupuncturist in the United States.

Weng, who prior to coming to the United States worked as a physician in Fujian Province Hospital in Fuzhou, China for 10 years, decided to attend A&M International after a Chinese friend who attended the University suggested she study computer information systems at A&M International.

"I hope to apply my knowledge in information systems to the field of clinical medicine in the future," she said.

During her one year of study at A&M International, Weng's 7-year-old son has lived with her husband, who works in Houston.

"I talk to them every night," she said, "This arrangement has been difficult, but I know both my husband and son understand me."

Weng said she found her stay in Laredo and at A&M International rewarding.

"I'm happy I chose A&M International," she said, "When it comes to technology and science, the United States is the top in the world, so I'm glad I was able to study in this environment. In addition, the faculty members and staff here were friendly and helpful."

She also said technological facilities at A&M International also helped her succeed in class.

"The computer labs were always accessible and the equipment state of-the-art," she said.

Weng, who will be joined by her family during Commencement, said she plans to search for work in the information systems field in this country.

"I would like to stay here for sometime and actually gain experience in this field," she said, "My dream is to live a simple and peaceful life."

Weng said she benefited especially from the assistance she has received from Dr. Stephen Lunce, associate professor of information systems.

"I want to express my gratefulness to Dr. Lunce for his constructive instructions in my research project. His insight into science philosophy, his knowledge in experimental methodology and his dedication to science and teaching will be of great benefit in my future career," she said.

The Spring Commencement will be held Saturday, May 13 at 9 a.m. In the Kinesiology/Convocation Building.

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