TAMIU's Cardona-López Publishes New Book of Fiction in Colombia

From lively and comical stories to the fantastic and unbelievable, a new book of fiction by Texas A&M International University associate professor of Spanish American Literature and Spanish Dr. José Cardona-López promises to bring intrigue to summer reading.

Titled, "Siete y Tres Nueve" or (Seven Plus Three Equals Nine), the book, newly published in Cardona-Lopez's native country of Colombia, is a compilation of short stories written in Spanish.

In his new book, Cardona López, author of short story books,"La puerta del espejo" (The Door of the Mirror) and "Todo es adrede" (Everything is Deliberate) as well as novel "Sueños para una siesta" (Dreams for a Nap), utilizes his characteristic wit and incredible gift for the Spanish language to coax readers into a world of ticklish laughs and unexplored surrealism.

Fully aware that seven plus three does not equal nine, Cardona-López said he chose that title referring to the fact that there are often varying interpretations to a situation or occurrence.

"First, it's a reference to the imagination, where everything is possible and thus, seven plus three can equal nine or 15. Second, it's a reference to the reality that we all live, so full of the absurd, just as it is absurd that seven and three can equal nine", he said.

Those interested in purchasing Cardona-López's book can do so by visiting his Colombian publisher, Fondo Editorial EAFT's website at http://www.eafit.edu.co/fondo/

Cardona López, whose writing has been influenced by Alfred Jerry, Lawrence Durrrell, Alberto Camus, Julio Cortázar and Jorge Luis Borges among others, said he wanted to write about fantastic and every day realities in his book.

"You will find re-writes of stories from universal literature and also from folklore and popular culture. The absurd, as an option to see the tangible reality in which we move or as a form to have access to the fantastic, is present in the book. The past of childhood and work in the office are also topics you can find in this book," he said.

Cardona-López's book was presented in April by literary critic Ana María Hernández at the international literary colloquium, "IV Coloquio de Literatura Fronteriza: Letras en el Borde," held at TAMIU.

Cardona-López, a native of Palmira, Colombia, earned his Ph.D. in Spanish from the University of Kentucky and an M.A. in Spanish from the University of Louisville. His B.S. in agricultural engineering was earned at the National University in Palmira, Colombia.

Prior to becoming a faculty member at TAMIU, Cardona-López was an instructor of Spanish at Hanover College in Hanover, Indiana. Before Indiana, he held several positions as teaching assistant at the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville (Kentucky), and was an arts instructor at the House of Arts "Papagayo de Cristal" in Bogotá, Colombia.

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