TAMIU's Cantu Receives Gateways '96 Program Award from Guadalupe Center

Texas A&M International University Professor of English Dr. Norma E. Cantu has been named a recipient of one of six awards providing research grants for the study of popular culture in the border region.

Dr. Cantu will receive an $8,000 honorarium plus expenses as a recipient of a Gateways '96 Program Award from the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center of San Antonio. Funding for the grant Awards is provided by the Rockefeller Foundation. Cantu's award will see her produce an ethnographic analysis of the custom of la quinceanera.

Cantu is the recent recipient of the Premio Atzlan Literary Prize for Canicula. Her book on religious dance drama, Soldiers of the Cross, is forthcoming from the Texas A&M University Press. She holds a Ph.D. in English from the University of Nebraska. Her MS and BS were earned at the former Texas A&I University at Laredo.

Other recipients of the Gateway Award include Luis Garcia, Colegio de la Frontera; Mario Anteo Hinojosa, Monterrey-based writer; Juanita Luna Lawhn, San Antonio College; Jose Olvera, Universidad Regiomontana, and Miguel Mendez, University of Arizona in Tucson.

The awards recipients were chosen from a field of 52 applicants by a panel of artists, administrators and scholars.

The Gateways 96 Program Award recipients will have their work collected and printed by the Guadalupe Cultural Center, which will also sponsor roundtable discussions with the scholars in San Antonio.