Registration Deadline Jun. 3 For TAMIU Kids', Teen Program

Kids and teens can get a jump start on their education this summer while having fun by enrolling in Texas A&M International University's Summer programs for 1st - 6th graders and 7th - 11th graders.

TAMIU's popular Summer Children's Workshop for 1st - 6th graders, and Summer Academy for 7th-11th graders will be held weekdays from June 17 - July 12 at the University's new state-of-the-art campus in north Laredo. "We are happy to be able to offer two summer programs this year. Both the Summer Children's Workshop, now in its tenth year, and the Summer Academy, first introduced last summer, focus on taking advantage of summer down time through exposure to new learning in exciting topic areas," said Oscar J. Munoz, Director of the University's Continuing Education Program which sponsors the programs.

Munoz said Summer is traditionally is a time when classroom lessons are replaced by activities that rarely incorporate learning or exchange of new ideas. TAMIU's two summer programs afford a variety of learning opportunities that are fun and eye-opening, and can help to assure that summer is also a rich, mind-expanding experience for participants.

"We have made a special effort to capitalize on our new campus location and the amenities it affords us, such as our computer labs with Internet access and our spacious grounds and classroom facilities. The new campus has allowed us to explore new areas, for example, the science, which will afford some unique learning opportunities," Munoz continued.

Course offering available for the Summer Children's Workshop, for 1st - 6th graders, include a Macintosh Computer Lab, Arts and Crafts, Exploring the Global Village, Real-life Math, Children's Literature/Creative Writing, Real Life Science, Music In Action, and Cooperative Sports.

The Macintosh Computer Lab course, to be taught by Kristy Palacios, will help participants learn important computer skills. First thought Fourth graders will create and hear their very own illustrated stories. Fifth and Sixth graders will explore the world of multimedia to create programs filled with sound graphics, animations, and even movie clips.

The Arts and Crafts course, to be taught by Willie Giermanski, will help participants develop an awareness of their natural and man-made environment through the use of lines, colors, shapes, and textures. A variety of themes will be introduced including printmaking, photographic imagery, and 3-D forms.

The Exploring the Global Village course will offer participants a "hands-on" thematic study of the diverse and complex world of physical geography. The course will encompass the physical features of our world, locating and reading maps, and man's responsibility to the environment. Course instructor will be Cissy Ramirez.

The Real-Life Math course, to be taught be Pedro Laurel, will help participants under a variety of math concepts including problem-solving, identification of basic fractions, and recognition of properties and relationships of geometric shapes. Topics will be presented in a fun, whimsical way with use of imagination and creativity stressed.

Children's Literature/Creative Writing will expose participants to the exciting, adventure filled world of reading and words. Students will explore literature and create their own writings as well. The course will be taught by Lana Boyd.

The Real Life Science course promises to be an exciting and fun-filled experience for young scientists. Participants will learn various aspects of Life, Earth, and Physical Science through the use of a "hands-on" approach, with numerous "make and take" projects designed to excite and stimulate a love for science. Course instructor will be Michael Myers.

The Music In Action course will expose participants to a variety of musical styles and music. Choreography, multicultural dance, musical games, and fun environmental songs will be introduced. Participants will also produce their own music video. Course instructor will be Bobby Farias.

Cooperative Sports, to be taught by Sylvia Barrera, will help students attain physical fitness through fun, entertaining activities. Emphasize will be on participation, not on competition so that every child will feel like a winner.

Summer Children's Workshop participants enroll for three courses. Courses are offered in a session format with two early sessions from 8:30 - 9:30 a.m. and 9:35 - 10:35 a.m. followed by a break for a healthy snack and a late-morning closing session from 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon.

Registration fees for the Summer Children's Workshop is $200 per child and $180 for each additional child. Where applicable, science lab and computer lab fees of $10 will be assessed. Registration deadline is June 3.

Space is limited and late registrations will be accepted on a space available basis, with a late registration fee assessed. The Summer Academy, scheduled from 1 - 5 p.m. weekdays June 17 - July 12 is an extension of the Summer Children's Workshop that is intended for teenagers from ages 13 to 18 in grades 7th - 11th.

Courses available for 7th - 8th grade participants include Internet for Fun and Research, Introduction to Sculpture, Introduction to Computers, Life-Science-Forensics Lab, Environmental Analysis Lab, Library Science, Math-Calculator Preparation for SAT, Chess, and Introduction to German.

Course topics for 9th - 11th grade participants include Hypnosis for Personal Growth, Introduction to German, Introduction to Computers, Parapsychology-Exploring the Unknown, Creative Sculpture, Math-Calculator Preparation for SAT, Internet for Fun and Research, Life Sciences-Forensics Lab, and Environmental Analysis Lab.

Cost of the Summer Academy is $250 per students and $225 for each additional participant. If applicable, science and computer lab fees of $10 will be assessed. If students opt for a sculpture class, an additional $25 sculpture lab fee will be applicable.

Registration fee deadline for the Summer Academy is June 3. Space is limited and a late registration fee will apply after the deadline date.

For more information in the Summer Children's Workshop or Summer Academy at Texas A&M International University June 17 - July 12, contact the TAMIU Office of Continuing Education at 326-2720 or visit offices in the Sue and Radcliffe Killam Library-Administration Building, Room 205 East. Information may also be requested by fax or email. TAMIU office hours are 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday.