TAMIU Criminal Justice Majors Tour San Antonio Jail

Texas A&M International University students majoring in Criminal Justice gained a unique look at the daily activities at a State correctional facility when they toured the Fabian Dale Dominguez State Jail in San Antonio recently.

TAMIU students toured the Dominguez State Jail for a Correctional Systems and Practice course (CRIJ 2313) taught by TAMIU Associate Professor Dr. Charlie W. Flynt. The tour was part of an "Inside Look Program" offered by the Jail to give students an insider's perspective on correctional facilities.

TAMIU students heard information from staff about the daily operations of the jail, and toured the facility to see how offenders live and work. Students also met with an inmate panel composed of both first- time and repeat offenders. After hearing the inmates' perspective of life in a correctional facility, TAMIU students were able to ask the inmates questions. The students also lunched at the Jail.

The Dominguez State Jail, a 2,000 bed minimum security facility, is one of a series of State jails opened to house and offer rehabilitative programming to offenders classified as fourth degree State jail felons.

For more information on the TAMIU students' tour of the Dominguez State Jail, or for information on the Criminal Justice Program at TAMIU, contact Dr. Flynt at 326-2540.

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