TAMIU Awards Over $60,000 in Scholarships to Students

Scholarship gifts provided to Texas A&M International University have been awarded to graduating local and area high school students to the tune of $61,150.

The generosity of Laredoans, private and public corporations have helped to make these scholarship awards possible, said TAMIU Interim President Jose Garcia, We salute their support of our University and of the students who will begin their higher education pursuits here.

Garcia said that while the State of Texas has been kind to the University in its funding requests, the need for student scholarship funding is crucial.

Our Office of Advancement and External Affairs under the direction of Dr. Janet K. Black has worked diligently to help secure scholarship funding from a broad-range of caring individuals and groups interested in helping students to better themselves, he said.

Dr. Black said scholarship gifts to the University have proven popular with local, area and national supporters. Scholarships gifts are an enduring way of providing students with access to their future through education. We have been fortunate to find many individuals, groups and corporations who are eager to help students to reach their goals, she explained.

The awards range from one year to four-year and from $1000 to $7,000, TAMIU officials said.

Dr. M. Stephen Brown, Dean of Student Affairs, said the scholarship awards are historic in both the life of the University and those of students receiving the awards.

These awards include the first four-year scholarships provided at Texas newest four-year University. For the students receiving these awards, they represent their chance to realize their dream of higher education here in Laredo, explained Dr. Brown.

Brown said the awards were highly competitive with criteria including academic performance, SAT/ACT scores, community service and responses to essay questions.

These students who are receiving these awards represent the best and brightest of their generation. These awards will allow them an opportunity to proceed to their next level of self- betterment, he said.

Students and their respective awards include:
The Summers Memorial Scholarship
Four-year scholarship awarded to David Gonzalez, Alexander High School student.
The Texas Mexican Railway Scholarship
Four-year scholarship received by Jaime Alvarado, Martin High School student.
The Pan American Express Scholarship
Four-year scholarship awarded to Jesus Gonzalez, Nixon High School student.
Anzon-Cookson Specialty Products Scholarship
Receiving one-year scholarship awards of $1000 from Anzon are:
Erika Benavides, Alexander High School.
Orani Palomo, Martin High School.
Anthony Vaughan, United High School.
Arturo Botello, Nixon High School.
Adriana Rodriguez, United South High School.
American Petroleum Institute - Border Chapter
Receiving a one-year scholarship award of $2,500 from API is Mary Joy Edwards, Martin High School.
Galo Garcia Scholarships
Receiving one-year scholarships of $1,000 from the Galo Garcia Family are:
Roel Ibanez, Zapata High School (ZHC).
Marta P. Gonzalez, ZHC.
Olga I. Guzman, ZHC.
Laredo Manufacturers Association
Receiving one-year scholarships of $1,500 from the Laredo Manufacturers Association are:
Erika Benavides, Alexander High School (AHS).
Sandy Martinez, AHS.
Carmen Estimbo, AHS.
Sandra Ballesteros, AHS.
Juan Palomo, Bruni High School.
Myrna Reyes, Cigarroa High School (CHS).
Maria C. Pedraza,CHS.
San Juanita Sepulveda, CHS.
Victor Villarreal, Laredo Christian Academy.
Mario Mendoza, Martin High School (MHS).
Jessica Paez, MHS.
Blanca Gonzalez, St. Augustine High School.
Anthony Vaughan, United High School (UHS).
Monica Munoz, United South High School (USHS).
Jovanelly Zaragoza, USHS.
Elizabeth Ruiz, USHS.
Mall del Norte Scholarship Fund
Receiving one-year scholarships from Mall del Norte are:
Luis Landeros, Alexander High School (AHS).
Liza Leal, AHS.
Norma Lobo, AHS.
Esmeralda Cardenas, United High School.
Jessica Escamilla, United South High School
Monica Munoz, USHS.
SONY Community Affairs Scholarships
Receiving one-year scholarships of $1,000 from SONY are:
Sandy Martinez, Alexander High School (AHS).
Carmen Estimbo (AHS).
Victor Villarreal, Laredo Christian Academy.
Blanca Gonzalez, St. Augustine High School.

Students needing additional information on financial aid and scholarships available at TAMIU, may contact the Office of Financial Aid at 326 - 2225.

Individuals or groups wishing to support TAMIU students with scholarship gifts may do so by calling Dr. Janet K. Black, Vice President for Advancement and External Affairs at 326 - 2175.

TAMIU office hours are from 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.