TAMIU Continues Summer Film Series

Texas A&M International University's Department of Language and Literature will continue its free summer film series titled, "Eight Great Ways to Die," Thursday, July 11 with the presentation of the second film in the series,"Memento."

All films are presented at 7 p.m. in Bob Bullock Hall, room 101. Christopher Nolan, the director of this year's Insomnia made his name known around Hollywood after the release of "Memento." Guy Pearce stars as Leonard Shelby, who is on a search for the man who murdered his wife. However, his inability to create new memories hinders his finding the killer. Rated R.

Also scheduled are:

July 18 True Romance (Tony Scott, 1993) The director of Top Gun went beyond the call of duty in this film of love, cocaine, and Elvis. Watch for the cameos of Brad Pitt (Fight Club), James Gandolfini (The Sopranos), and Christopher Walken (Pulp Fiction). Rated R.

July 25 Run Lola Run (Tom Tykwer, 1998) This little known film is filled with high energy and intense moments. Lola has twenty minutes to save her boyfriend's life by getting money to a drug dealer on the other side of the city. In the process, Lola runs into various situations-posing a series of obstacles she must overcome in a race to beat the clock. In German with English subtitles. Rated R.

August 1 Mulholland Dr. (David Lynch, 2001) A mysterious thriller which unfolds on this infamous Los Angeles street. One of the most overlooked films of 2001, David Lynch spins a tale about a car accident victim and a naïve woman who desperately wants to help her. Rated R.

August 8 American Beauty (Sam Mendes, 1999) Kevin Spacey, in his Oscar-winning performance, plays Lester Burnham, an emotionally dead man who decides to radically change his life. Rated R.

August 15 Natural Born Killers (Oliver Stone, 1994) One of the most controversial films of the Nineties, Oliver Stone presents his tale of two cold-blooded killers and the media's fascination with them. Many argue that this film is too strong in its themes; others say people are just too sensitive. You be the judge. Rated R.

All films are rated R; children under the age of 17 will not be admitted. Admission is free. For more information please call Joseph Moke at 326-2883. University office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Journalists who need additional information or help with media requests and interviews should contact the Office of Public Affairs and Information Services at pais@tamiu.edu