TAMIU Student Ambassadors Honored With Reception

Members of the Texas A&M International University Student Ambassadors, a student service organization, were honored with a reception held in the University's Great Room.

The reception was hosted by the University in appreciation of the service the Ambassadors have provided to TAMIU.

The Student Ambassadors participated in every major event the University sponsored during its first year as a four-year institution, including Student Orientation, Opening Day Ceremony, First Annual Dusty Golf Tournament, 25th Anniversary Celebration, and Commencement.

The organization is dedicated to assisting students in preparing for and adjusting to the rigors of University life and learning at Texas' newest four-year University. Ambassadors participate in campus and community events and provide campus tours for groups or individuals interested in visiting TAMIU.

During the reception held in their honor, the Ambassadors were presented with plaques and Certificates of Appreciation by TAMIU Interim President Jose Garcia. The plaques, symbols of the contribution the Ambassadors made to TAMIU's advancement, were made of the same material used to construct the University.

The Ambassadors' advisor, Ricardo Ortegon, also presented members with Certificates of Appreciation.

Receiving the plaques and certificates were Wendy Amozurrutia, Joe Becza, Margarita Colon, Gabriela Cordova, Ricky Cortez, Gina De La Miyar, Rosa Escobedo, Lucia Flores, Juan Jose Gonzalez, Carlos Guerra, Rosalinda Guerra, Gabriel Guzman, Sandra Hernandez, Nora Martinez, Sandy Martinez, Yvette Martinez, Emerson Meguro, Marco Montemayor, Kent Pearson, Nadia Plascencia, Irma Ramirez, Mirta Ramos, Richard Rendon, Joanne Romanelli, Eric Rudkin, Gilberto Sanchez, Lorrie Santos, Hanish Sharma, and Alexandra Solis.

Rosa Escobedo and Carlos Guerra also received the Student Ambassadors Advisor's Award.

Juan Jose Gonzalez and Alexandra Solis were named Student Ambassadors of the Year.

The Student Ambassadors also announced the establishment of a new scholarship named in honor of their advisor, Ricardo Ray Ortegon, Associate Director of the University's Office of Enrollment Management and School Relations. Ortegon founded the student service organization last year.

For more information on the TAMIU Student Ambassadors, call the University's Office of Enrollment Management and School Relations at 326-2270 or visit their offices in Killam Library-Administration Building Room 158 West.

TAMIU office hours are 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday.