TAMIU Professors Lauded For Work With Disabled Students

Two Texas A&M International University professors were recognized by the TAMIU Office of Disabled Student Services for their outstanding work helping disabled students.

The TAMIU professors, Dr. Kathleen Pletsch de Garcia, Assistant Professor of English, and Dr. Clifford M. Black, Professor of Sociology and Criminology, were presented with certificates of recognition during a brief ceremony officiated by the University's Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Stephen Brown.

The Coordinator of the Office of Disabled Student Services, Debra Russell, said her office recognizes two outstanding faculty members each semester. Nominations are submitted by students with disabilities who receive exceptional help from their professors.

"Professors who have an understanding of disabilities and are sensitive to the needs of disabled students may make subtle changes in their teaching style which can be significant for students with disabilities," she said.

Students who are hearing impaired are helped if professors speak clearly, slowly and expressively. Students who are visually impaired benefit if professors write legibly, provide handouts, or read aloud notes they write on the blackboard.

"Presenting materials in unique and creative ways can help all students succeed in their classes. Dr. Pletsch de Garcia and Dr. Black are to be commended for insuring that academic and personal success are viable for every student," said Russell.

TAMIU has long recognized the importance of helping disabled students to attain their educational goal.

The University's commitment to help all students can be seen at all levels, from the creation of the Office of Disabled Student Services to the architectural design of the campus, which features curbless crossways, power-assisted doors, accessible elevators, public telephones, service areas, and restroom facilities, and lowered light switches, wall receptacles, fire alarm pull stations, elevator button panels, and water fountains in compliance with the American with Disabilities Act.

Services provided by the Office for Disabled Students include notetakers, tape recorders, close-captioned televisions, TTY telephones, counseling, testing accommodations, registration assistance, and help with state agency liaison.

For more information on the services offered by the TAMIU Office for Disabled Students, please contact Russell at 326-2230 or visit offices in the Sue and Radcliffe Killam Library-Administration Building Room 155B West.

TAMIU office hours are 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday.