Local Librarians Meet at A&M International's Killam Library

Texas A&M International University's Sue and Radcliffe Killam Library was the recent setting for an innovative discussion by the city's community of librarians.

Librarians from the Yeary Library at Laredo Community College, Laredo Public Library and the Killam Library participated in a general tour of the Killam Library and discussed topics such as reference, circulation/periodicals, cataloging/processing, acquisitions/serials and administration. The visit was the first of three visits, the next two to be held at the Laredo Public Library and the Yeary Library of LCC.

Rodney Webb, director of the Killam Library, said that the purpose of the meetings is to increase awareness of the services, resources and policies of the respective libraries and consider ways to improve coordination of services and foster appropriate cooperation among libraries.

Webb said that the Killam Library and LCC's library have reciprocal agreements and knowing services that each offers helps simplify librarians' task when they refer students to either library.

Adrian McCulloch, director of the Yeary Library, said that the meeting provided an optimal chance to learn about the advanced technology to which the Killam Library has access.

"It is important for our staff to talk to their counterparts. Our staff help each other not only in formal but informal ways so we can call each other for assistance," McCulloch said.

Janice Webber, director of the Laredo Public Library, agreed with McCulloch saying that the employees of the local libraries need to network with each other.

"The meeting is a great idea because we can get to know each other," Webber said.

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