TAMIU Students Attend Marine Science Training

Texas A&M International University graduate students participating in the Title VII Program at TAMIU attended the Marine Science Training Project in Palacios, Texas recently.

The TAMIU students were accompanied by Dr. Patricia Lozano, TAMIU Assistant Professor of Bilingual Education and Director of the Title VII Program at the University.

The Marine Science Training Project permitted the TAMIU students to get a greater understanding and appreciation for the marine and costal environment. Part of the project included hands-on experiences in the coastal environment to accentuate the appreciation for the marine world and its land-water interface.

The students, Laredo ISD and United ISD teachers, were able to attend the training project through funds in the Title VII Educational Personnel Training Program grant.

The Title VII grant is federally supported through the US Department of Education and the Office of Bilingual Education and Minority Language Affairs.

Middle school teachers who wish to acquire an English as a Second Language certificate through the Title VII Program may contact Dr. Lozano at 326-2436 for more information.

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