Thoughts from Radcliffe Killam

Sue and Radcliffe Killam Library
Texas A&M International University
March 13, 1998

Speech made by Radcliffe Killam for the Unveiling of the Killam Portrait.

Sue and Radcliffe KillamSue and I and our family appreciate very much having our name in this beautiful keystone building and we are also humbled by the honor it does us.

I would also like to say that we both enjoyed working with John Martin (the portrait’s artist), or perhaps I should say watching him work. We are very pleased with the results and are grateful to him for being here on this happy occasion.

I’d like to point out that it is impossible for anyone living in this area to make a gift to this University – rather it is an investment they make in our community that will generate ample returns.

As a result of having this fine University here, the ability of our young people to contribute to the quality of life along the border and the material standard of living is appreciably increased.

The efforts and vision of many, many people meshed at just the right time to produce this magnificent campus. In hindsight, there was about two-year period in which this had to happen.

To capitalize on its full potential, the vision and effort must continue for years to come.

The basic purpose of Texas A&M International University is to provide a superior education to the people living along this border.

This University, the newest and most modern of campuses, has by reason of its location an unprecedented opportunity. It is the only University with the word “International” incorporated in its name.

But having the word “International” in its name is not enough. We must merit it.

With some federal support plus the commitment from the Regents of The Texas A&M University System, the construction of a building for the Western Hemispheric Trade Center is now incorporated into the third phase of our construction program.

Our business school is in a unique position to develop into the leading business school in the country dealing with International Trade, especially Western Hemispheric Trade. No area will have equal facilities which can be incorporated into a Center for International Trade. That, coupled with our history of diversity and understanding of different cultures and with our international business background, can result in a major influence not only on business but on legal, moral, and social development of all the countries in the Western Hemisphere.

A Center for Western Hemispheric Trade will be in a position to help in developing the best contributions from each country. This would make the countries of North and South America major players in world society for centuries to come.

I would like close by pointing out that if you own a business in Laredo or live in this area, no matter where you went to school, this is your University and it deserves your support.

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