TAMIU Web Style Guide Steps Towards Better TAMIU Web Pages


Once you have decided what you want on your web page, it’s time to decide how you want it to look. By following these guidelines, we can insure that publications and the TAMIU website, look like that of a unified institution. Again, creativity and individuality is always encouraged, but please keep these guidelines in mind.

a) Consistency

  • In typeface. The standard typefaces are Ariel, Helvetica and Verdana. If you should choose another, please limit font usage to no more than two different typefaces. In web design, remember that special fonts may not be consistent across different computer platforms and may create an undesirable effect.
  • In colors. The TAMIU colors are maroon and silver. Please use #922D46 (Maroon) and #cccccc (silver), respectively, to reproduce them on the web. While non-school colors can be used, please remember we are trying to create a consistent identity and additional colors should be used sparingly and not as primary values.

b) Layout

Use images wisely. Choose only those (compressed and optimized, for download speed) that best convey your message.

c) 508 Compatibilty

To allow disabled visitors easy access to our websites, please ensure pages are 508 compatible, or offer an obvious link, near the top of the page, to a text-only mirror site. 508 compatibility information and training is available from http://www.trainingcafe.com/macromedia/accessibility/

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