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It is important for all of us including Texas A&M International
University students, faculty, staff, administration and the external community to understand the appropriate use of the University seal, wordmarks and mascot. Correct usage of University marks will help us send a consistent message to our audiences while protecting the University’s marks against unauthorized uses.
Also, failure to comply with University guidelines regarding the use of its name or other registered marks may result in legal action.
Please assist us in monitoring the use of the University marks. If you have any questions about correct usage of the University seal, wordmarks or mascot, please contact the Office of Public Affairs & Information Services at 326.2180.

Office of Public Affairs and Information Services
Sue & Radcliffe Killam Library 268

Referring to the University
On first reference, use the full name:
Texas A&M International University
On second reference, shorten to:
Later references become:
the University

Our System Affiliation
On first reference:
The Texas A&M University System
Please note that the “t” in “the” is always capitalized on first reference.

On second reference, shorten to:
the A&M System
Later references become:
the System.
Note the “t” is lower case in second and third reference.

Identity within the University
The University should be mentioned first:
Texas A&M International University’s College of Business Administration
TAMIU’s International Language Institute
the University’s Graduate Student Services Center
Titles, Departments, Disciplines
Titles are lower case:
assistant professor, dean of the
College of Education,

* unless the title is used directly before an individual’s name:
President Keck
Dean Smith
Departments and disciplines should also be lowercase:
associate professor in the language, literature and arts department
professor of history

When in doubt, please reference The Associated Press Stylebook.

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