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Established in 1969 as Texas
A&I University at Laredo, the University
welcomed juniors and seniors pursuing
degrees in the education and business
disciplines. Beginning in September of 1977,
the University was renamed Laredo State
University. Through its continued growth, in
1989 the University became a Member of
The Texas A&M University System and was
renamed in 1993 as Texas A&M International
University (TAMIU).
The year 1995 was a defining period for the
University as it welcomed its first freshmen
and sophomore students and inaugurated
a newly constructed 300-acre campus in
northeast Laredo. The new Millennium has
seen much progress, including the launch of
a doctoral program in International Business
Administration and collaboration with Laredo
Independent School District to establish the
Laredo Early College High School on campus.
Texas A&M International University
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300-acre campus, home to the mighty Dustdevils!
TAMIU has been ranked 3rd in the nation among the 33 Most Popular U.S.
Colleges for Hispanic Students.
The US Department of Education’s College Affordability and Transparency
information ranks TAMIU among the nation’s top lowest net-priced public,
four-year or above universities.
TAMIU’s international student population spans over 40 countries all over
the world.
TAMIU encourages student leadership through its participation in the
Harvard Kennedy School’s Latino Leadership Initiative.
Located in Laredo, TX, a crossroads of culture and
commerce, Texas A&M International University is a major regional
educational institution of choice in the State’s fastest-growing
demographic area and a proud Member of The Texas A&M
University System. Home to over 7,000 students each academic
semester, TAMIU offers 70 undergraduate, graduate, and
doctoral degrees.