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A.R. Sanchez, Jr.
School of Business
The A.R. Sanchez, Jr. School of Business is
devoted to creating a learning experience
that increases the knowledge, skills, and
professional ethics of a new generation of
future business leaders who will function in a
diverse, globally competitive environment.
Our business programs are oriented to both
domestic and international markets, with
many of our faculty members teaching and
researching interests related to globalization.
College of Arts & Sciences
The College of Arts & Science’s nationally
accredited programs are dedicated to
providing students with mind provoking, up-to-
date concepts, and momentous experiences
that make it the University’s largest and
most comprehensive academic unit. Here,
students complete a core curriculum that
provides a basic liberal arts education. Over
35 undergraduate majors, 32 undergraduate
minors, and 12 graduate degree programs
in the fine and performing arts, sciences,
humanities, social sciences, behavioral
sciences, mathematics, and engineering
are available.
College of Education
The College of Education focuses on the
preparation of ethical, knowledgeable, and
skilled leaders for educational settings by
providing students with hands-on experience
through collaborative efforts with
public schools.
College of Nursing
& Health Sciences
The Dr. F. M. Canseco School of Nursing
is committed to developing students into
outstanding clinicians, scholars, health
advocates, mentors and leaders who will
become instrumental in addressing the
health care needs of our communities.
The curriculum combines mastery of acute
clinical nursing competencies with effective
community development strategies.
Provides a full array of academic support
services including University freshmen
seminars, Reading the Globe, peer
mentoring and academic advising, tutoring
services, student support services, testing
services, and developmental coursework in
mathematics, reading,
and writing.
University College
You’re not a
Kinesiology Major.
You’re a strong advocate for
personal health and well-being.
You have been an athlete all your
life and will become and intramural
champion! You start your day bright
and early since nothing is more
important than a
morning run.
You’re not a
Management Major.
You’re searching for leadership
opportunities. You were a member
of the Freshman Leadership
Organization. You are invited to
participate in the Harvard Latino
Leadership Initiative program. Your
ambition is to push young
leaders to greatness!
You’re not a
Spanish Major.
You’re a language appreciator
who participated in the Reading
the Globe program in Chile. You
have specialized in English-Spanish
translation. Dr. Ray Keck, University
President, mentored your favorite
professor and is the reason why you
are seeking a Spanish degree.