SACS Principles of Accreditation

Section IV: COC Programs

3.5.2 The institution awards degrees only to those students who have earned at least 25 percent of the credit hours required for the degree through instruction offered by that institution.


Partial Compliance.


The University residency requirement is defined as 30 semester credit hours in residence. (Catalog 2004-2005, Academic Regulations-Undergraduate, Residence Requirement) Although baccalaureate programs at the University at one time may have had 120 semester hours, the process of evolving curriculum review has resulted in additional courses being added to the degree, to the point that the number of hours required for some degrees has reached a high of 136 semester credit hours. Therefore, the 25% ratio is not met with 30 semester credit hours in residence. However, the College of Business Administration does require that 50% of business courses be taken at the University and the University requires a minimum of 45 advanced semester credit hours to qualify for graduation with honors.

Plan for compliance
To resolve this discrepancy, the residency requirement in the University Catalog will be changed to read:

Residence Requirement: The applicant for a bachelor’s degree must have been in residence at Texas A&M International University for a minimum of at least 25% of the semester credit hours required for the degree.



LOCATION/Special Instructions

Catalog 2004-2005, Academic Regulations-Undergraduate, Residence Requirement

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