SACS Principles of Accreditation

Section IV: COC Programs

3.8.2 The institution ensures that users have access to regular and timely instruction in the use of the library and other learning/information resources.




The Killam Library Access Policy includes this statement under Intellectual Access:

Reference staff will provide assistance to patrons, including help in using the electronic resources that are part of the Library’s collection. Every effort will be made to provide the level of instruction or help needed so that each patron can work toward becoming an “independent researcher” should they choose to do so. Faculty may schedule library orientations designed in consultation with a librarian, and drop-in instruction in the form of mini-workshops will continue to be offered by the librarians on a regular basis.

The Killam Library provides library instruction in a variety of formats and venues. Individual one-on-one instruction is provided by librarians and library paraprofessionals at the Reference Desk during all hours of library service. In 2002-2003, there were 3,363 recorded instances of such one-on-one instruction. Killam Library’s web page includes links for many instructional pages designed by Killam librarians. Twenty-eight subject pages (grouped under Research Subjects) list online databases by subject and instruct users in the contents and use of those databases. Eight “How-Do-I-Find” pages (pull-down menu near the bottom of the main page) provide in-depth instruction on how to find and use Killam Library books, electronic books, journal articles, newspaper articles, government documents, GIS/mapping resources, websites, and other library catalogs. These pages concentrate on electronic information access tools, so that they are useful to both in-library and remote users. There is also a running marquee, changed at regular intervals, to alert users to new resources and services available in the library.

Formal library instruction is available by request. (Killam Library Hours and Services) Both general orientations and presentations customized to disciplinary needs and specific class projects are offered. Off-campus groups are also permitted to schedule library orientations, in part to assist in student recruitment. Additionally, the General Education course for developmental students includes a library orientation and a library assignment as a standard part of the syllabus. Altogether, these offerings generated 82 library instruction sessions in 2002-2003, with a total of 1,857 attendees. Students and faculty who attend instruction sessions are asked to complete an instructional evaluation (Killam Library Instruction Evaluation Form), and these are compiled by each instruction librarian in his or her annual evaluation report. In the most recent evaluation report, the two librarians who did instruction last year and are still here (representing the overwhelming majority of last year’s instruction sessions) reported an average of 99.6% positive (yes) responses on all four questions. There is also a question about library instruction on the annual library survey; on the most recent survey, 85.3% of respondents indicated that they were satisfied or very satisfied with the library instruction they had received. (Killam Library Institutional Questionnaire, 2002-2003).

In addition, the library provides 44 computer workstations throughout the building which offer computer access to students during library hours for Internet access, use of databases and to conduct research. (Computer Workstations) Assistance and instruction in the use of research and online databases is provided by reference librarians and library staff.



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Killam Library Access Policy

Killam Library web page
Instructional pages are arranged alphabetically under “Research Subjects” on the right side of the page. More instructional pages are arranged under the two pull-down menus near the bottom of the page.
Killam Library Hours and Services
Basic faculty information on formal group library instruction is under Library Instruction..
Killam Library Instruction Evaluation Form (sample)

Killam Library Institutional Questionnaire, 2002-2003

Computer Workstations

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