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Let's Work It Out

Let's Work It Out

Are you having difficulty resolving issues with your peers, student organization members, or professors?

Join us for one of our upcoming training's and learn healthy, conflict resolution techniques.

Training Objectives:

  1. Participants will learn to recognize what are some of the common things that cause conflict amongst the groups they associate with (e.g. classmates, faculty, student organizations, etc.).
  2. Participants will learn to identify what are their own conflict triggers.
  3. Participants will master how to be better conflict solvers.
  4. Participants will will learn how to further develop their communication and listening skills in order to resolve conflict effectively.
  5. Participants will identify their stressor and master new relaxation techniques.


Training Dates for Fall 2018:
September 28th
October 19th
November 16th


To register for a training, please complete the Let's Work it Out Registration Form.  To request a special training for a student group/organization, please email us at

Office of Student Conduct and Community Engagement

Student Center Suite 226
5201 University Blvd., Laredo, TX 78041-1900
Office: (956) 326-2265
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