Past Faculty Senate Presidents

Past Faculty Senate Presidents

2007-2008:        Dr. Thomas Mitchell (COAS)

2006-2007:        Dr. Thomas Mitchell (COAS)

2005-2006:        Dr. Terry Shepherd (COED)

2004-2005:        Dr. Mohamed Ben-Ruwin (COAS)

2003-2004:        Dr. Frances Rhodes (COAS)

2002-2003:        Dr. Kimberly Folse (COAS)

2001-2002:        Dr. Michael Landeck (COBA)

2000-2001:        Dr. Jeffrey Cass (COAH)

1999-2000:        Dr. Ramon Alanis (COED)

1998-1999:        Dr. Jeffrey Cass (COAH)

1997-1998:        Dr. Henry C. Smith III (COBA)

1996-1997:        Dr. Stephen Lunce (COBA)

1995-1996:        Dr Stephen Lunce (COBA)

1994-1995:        Dr. Clifford Dorne (COAH)

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