Faculty and Shared Governance

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Below is a set of informational documents obtained from the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) concerning Faculty and Shared Governance at Universities. For additional information please visit the AAUP website.

AAUP_1.pdf Institutionalized Attacks on Academic Freedom: The Impact of Mandates by State Departments of Education and National Accreditation Agencies on Academic Freedom
AAUP_2.pdf The Corporatization of American Higher Education: Merit Pay Trumps Academic Freedom
AAUP_3.pdf The Demise of Shared Governance at Rensselaer
Polytechnic Institute
AAUP_4.pdf Faculty Handbooks as Enforceable Contracts for Governance Provisions
AAUP_5.pdf How to Make Faculty Senates More Effective
AAUP_6.pdf Traits of Effective Senates
AAUP_7.pdf Who Needs a Faculty Senate?
AAUP_8.pdf Governance Review Without Tears

Indicators of Sound Governance
(Note: contains a sample Administration Evaluation Form)

AAUP_10.pdf Faculty, Governing Boards, and Institutional Governance




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