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Risk Management Training

In 2007, the Texas legislature passed a bill mandating risk management training for student organizations. As a result, TAMIU is legally obligated to provide this training to student organizations. The training will be provided during the academic year and will be beneficial to you and your organization.

Our risk management training is required for the President (or equivalent), Risk Manager/Service Coordinator (or equivalent), and Advisor of every student organization. After the training, it is your responsibility to present a summary to the rest of the organizations members. Please keep in mind that this is state law and you are legally obligated to convey this training onto your members!

If your organization fails to meet this risk management requirement, as dictated by State law, will be subject to the following sanctions:

  1. Prohibited from hosting special events/fundraisers.
  2. Placed on organizational probation. If your organization fails comply with this required training, you will be declared inactive and lose your recognition as a student organization.

If you have questions about this required, state mandated training, please contact our office.

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