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The TAMIU Trailblazers program is a co-curricular leadership initiative that serves as a student’s road map to success.  The Trailblazers program enables registered TAMIU students to access co-curricular programs that compliment what a student is learning in the classroom.  Engagement in the TAMIU Trailblazers program assists students in being more prepared for the ever-changing global market and become more competitive in the world of work and graduate studies.

The activities for the TAMIU Trailblazers program are divided into five learning dimensions; Career Development, Civic Leadership, Global Perspective, Health and Wellness and Personal.  Each of the dimensions has three levels of engagement; Entering Stage, Engagement Stage and the Leadership Stage.  The curriculum works as a guide to direct students along the path of student success.  A student’s progress through the stages is tracked and displayed on a personal progress screen that can then be printed on behalf of the University as a Co-curricular Transcript.  Students who complete the entire curriculum will receive recognition for their achievement upon graduation from TAMIU.

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