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Workshops and Forms for Student Organizations

Throughout the year, the Office of Student Orientation, Leadership and Engagement (SOLE) will work with various groups on campus to provide training workshops to our student organizations. Workshops are available at any time of the year and can be requested with SOLE by stopping by or e-mailing the office. If you would like a information on a different topic, please let us know and we will be happy to assist your student organization.

C-Link 101

These workshops will provide student organizations information the various features available through CollegiateLink, our student organization portal system to help students track their student organization involvement, community service hours, and their co-curricular transcripts.

Officers 101 This workshop will allow the officers of your student organization to be trained on the general duties and expectations of the various executive positions. Presidents, vice presidents, secretaries, treasurers, and risk managers/service coordinators are strongly encouraged to participate.
Money Management 101

This workshop will teach students the differences between your two student organization accounts, whom has access to these accounts, and the process for depositing and withdrawing funds for projects and supplies.

Fundraising 101

This workshop will provide students with information about the rules and procedures in holding a fundraiser while providing examples of what other student groups have done.

Events 101

This workshop will provide student leaders the information needed to plan a successful event and teach them how to use CollegiateLink to submit event requests online.

Travel 101

This workshop will provide student groups the information needed to plan for travel outside of Laredo. Any student organization that has plans to travel is strongly encouraged to attend to avoid confusion and prevent travel being unapproved by the University.

Marketing 101

This workshop will provide students some basic information on what facts need to be included in flyers, posters, etc. This session will also provide general guidelines on what process needs to be followed when using the University's trademarked logos when ordering shirts or printing flyers on-campus.

Robert's Rule 101 This workshop will provide student leaders the basic procedures on how to effectively utilize Robert's Rules of Order during organization planning and meetings. This will become especially helpful when approving meeting minutes and follow due process as to avoid confusion within the student organization.
Service 101

This workshop will provide student organizations some ways to come together as a student group and bond while serving the Laredo and University communities. This session will introduce you to some preferred agencies that have approached TAMIU and you can be a part of making a difference in the community.

Dining Etiquette 101 This workshop will provide key information on what you should expect when attending a formal lunch or dinner. The training is essential for students who travel out of town for conferences or those that wish to have a more formal training on dining etiquette in general.


Other Resources and Forms
  • Risk Matrix (to be completed with Risk Assessment Form)


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Fax: (956) 326-2279

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